This post will be extremely short.
I plan to do a review to some products. If my health allow it I will do a review of Neutrogena vs Alverde Hand Car between tissues and tea ;)
But my entry won't appear here in the blog, cause I think it doesn't suit. Check out my blog: www.goldenchoices.blogspot.com

During the next time I will post some reviews!! So see you there! ;D


Daily Routine!!

Hey guys!!!

Actually my days are extremely diappointing and depressive... I'm terribly ill, cause I have a bad cold. I contracted my sister's disease and I don't feel so unbelievable great. I really try to save myself, because I WANT TO BE HEALTHY ON CHRISTMAS!!! I mean, I could be ill the whole f****ing schooltime, but now when I'm having holiday and I don't need to study I get a cold. Normally I always get a disease when I don't have any stress and I don't have any exams.... but WHY??? My last cold was on my birthday in September... That's also just shit! ;(((
So my whole equiments for the day is this here:
(sorry for the wrong size ;))

My throat is hurting so much that's unbelievable!!! And I just play the guitar to forget my hurts and it really works :D I wrote a few songs.... maybe I'll post them... dunno...

Then I also prepared the gift for my sister. It's her christmas present, a starbucks tumbler which you can create on your own. Inside there was such a ugly sheet of paper with something... And she adores Frankfurt and wanted to have a Frankfurt-starbucks-tumbler. But it doesn't exist anymore, so I made her own Frankfurt-tumbler. I really like it and I have to say that I'm quite proud of my work :D:D

Hope you don't have such a 'beautiful' day ;)
See you next time!!! xoxo
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