OOTD: Casual Saturday Outfit With Plaid Shirt

plait blouse/H&M - top/H&M - belt/Esprit - Jeans/98 86

The heatwave has finally arrived in Germany and during lunch time even this outfit was too warm for the weather. The whole last week was absolutely nasty weather and way too cold for April and suddenly within one day it is so warm here! In fact, this means for me a massive headache and circulation problems.
However, I am so happy that I can start to wear all my summer clothes again and thus, can do a lot of more Outfit of the days.

Because I was not sure whether a short is a bit too cold, I decided to wear my regular jeans with my brown belt from Esprit. On my upper body I wore a black top as I want to draw attention to my blouse. Because of the fact that it was that warm outside I replaced my jacket with a nice, casual, green and black plait blouse. This blouse is too big for me but that is the look that I want to have.
With this blouse the whole look appears a bit more casual, boyish but in the same time trendy.

As this look has more dusty colours and not a bright eye catcher, I would suggest this look when it is a warm sunny day, however, there are a few clouds in the sky.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! What do you think about plait blouses?


Bronzed Summer Glowy Makeup Tutorial

Now when summer is starting I was inspired by Blake Lively, so I want to show you how to achieve this beautiful bronzed summer glowy make up!

Blake Lively's makeup is always nicely bronzed, refreshing and on the same time it has an effortless appearance.
Today I am going to show you how to achieve this look:

Blake Lively's look is concentrated on highlights in the inner corner. Therefore, we apply MAC's Naked Lunch all over the lid and in your inner eye after applying an eyeshadow base.

Then I used Woodwinked and applied it on the outer half of the lid, also a little bit into my crease. Also, I apply the colour under your eye.

Then use Twinks in your crease to create a little bit more depth into our look and blend everything. Also, bring the colour again under your eye.

Use a black gel eyeliner and draw a very thin line as close to the lash line as possible. Don't wing out at the end.

Run the rest that is left on the brush slightly through your lashes under your eye.
Then curl your lashes, apply mascara and you are ready!

I would combine this look with a tiny bit of bronzer on your cheeks, jaw-line and your temples. Really make sure that you're pressing the bronzer into your hair line so that it looks more natural.
As a blush I love to use my NARS Orgasm as this gives this "Blake gold highlighting look".

The perfect Lipcolour would be a nice pinky lip like the Maybelline Colour Sensational Intense Pink. Add a clear gloss in the middle of your lips so that they appear bigger.

Please let me know: who is your makeup inspiration?


OOTD: The Last Cold Days

  Dress/Zara - Blazer/Esprit - Shirt/New Yorker - Black Tights - Necklace/Accessorize

Today was hopefully the last day where I had to wear warm clothes, because for the weekend we are expecting beautiful sunny 25°C!
Thus, I want to share with you my last winter/spring outfit before I officially transform my whole wardrobe into spring and summer!

I am actually not a huge fan of black clothes, however, I think that black suits to this dress so well. 
Actually, this dress is a mini summer dress which I transformed into a warmer outfit with some thick black tights and a shirt plus blazer on top. I do not see the sense in buying a dress that can be just worn during the summer time. That would mean, at least for me, a waste of money. 
Also, I think that the bright red colour of the dress brightens up the grey weather outside and brings me in a more positive mood.

I wrapped up the sleeves of my blazer so that this outfit doesn't look too conservative. Therefore, it appears a bit more casual and can absolutely be worn in school.
In order to balance the bright colour from my upper part of my body, I added a colorful pearl necklace to this look, which also has got red pearls. This colorful necklace makes this look again a bit more casual and playful.

Hope you liked the look and 
what do you wear when the weather is absolutely terrible?


New Concept: English - Deutsch (German) ?

As you might probably know I live in Germany and therefore, I also buy products that are not available worldwide, however, they are so good that I want to share them with you, especially for my german readers.

Thus, I came across two options:
(a) Reviewing all the products in english even though some Germans wouldn't be able to understand this. Nevertheless, everyone else could understand it.
(b) Reviewing international products in English and German products in German and writing any other posts in English as I already did before. 

It is really important that you tell me, English-speaking and German-speaking readers, your opinion!
I want to create my blog in the way you want to read it!

Of course, if I decided to go for solution (b), then I would give my best to keep English and German posts in balance.

So, please tell me what you thing about this concept!

All the best,


Nail Of The Day: P2 Poetic

Da so langsam auch bei uns der Frühling auftaucht und die Temperaturen langsam aber sicher sich der 20°C Grenze nähern, dachte ich, dass ich diese Frühlingsgefühle doch auch auf meinen Nägel zeige ;)

Es ist der wunderschöne Nagellack von P2 in der Farbe "Poetic" für 1,55€.
Ein wunderschöner, dunkler Fliederton, der meines Erachtens nach perfekt in den Frühling passt.
Unglücklicherweise splittert dieser Nagellack sehr schnell von meinen Nägel, aber dennoch liebe ich diese Farbe!

Kennt ihr schon diese Farbe von P2?


Massive DM + MAC Haul!

I know that I have way to much make up and that I have to stop buying new stuff and just using the things that I own. However, every single time I go to the drugstore I can not resist going to the make up counters. And unfortunately, I always find something that I definitely want to have.
Last week I was in the super drug quiet often, so here is my massive haul where are definitely invested to much money in make up again.

Alverde shine shampoo with lemon blossom and apricot for 1,95€. This is a natural shampoo without any chemicals or silicons. I use it now in order to find out if silicon-free shampoos are different shampoos which contain silicons.
Alverde hair mask with lemon blossom and apricot for 3,30€. This is the matching mask and I am also excited about the results.

Two nail polishes from P2 for 1,55€. The left one is a neon pink colour called 630 passion, the left one is  a bright green called 620 artful.
Catrice 840 Genius in a Bottle is the nail polish in the middle and costs 2,49. This is a dupe to the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 531 Peridot.

Balea MED pH adjusted soap-free washing lotion for about 1€. This washing lotion is amazing because you get 400 ml for 1€! I haven't used it yet but I will definitely review this products because I think this price is absolutely amazing!

Balea MED pH adjusted hand cream for 2€. I have to use it a bi longer in order to give you a detailed opinion.

Catrice Wet And Dry Eyeshadow in the colour 030 Vanilla Sky Ride for 3,79. This is the perfect highlighting colour I have ever seen in the drugstore, I have to write a blog post about this.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick 190 The Nuder The Better for 3,99. An absolute gorgeous nude which I have searched for ages.
Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream in 54L for 3,95. This is a mixture of a lipgloss and a matt lipstick. I love this product because of this unique consistency.

My new treasures

MAC lipliner in the shade Subculture for 12€. A nice nude, my lips but just better lipliner which I would even wear without a lipstick on top.
MAC lipstick in Blankety for 18€. This lipstick suits to the lipliner. Even though I find this lipstick a bit to ashy, I really love MY FIRST MAC LIPSTICK!

Let me know if you want to have a review from a specific product!
Did you buy anything the last weeks?


Find Your Perfect Scent

I am so excited to tell you from my last discovery!

For two years now I am addicted to the DKNY scent "Be Delicious". I know that they have a lot of other beautiful scents, which are also not that expensive. However, I am afraid of buying them, because I am not sure whether the scent really suits to me.

Last week I stumbled across a scent finder from the official DKNY Facebook page.
I have to admit that I have never believed in online test because I am convinced that I know myself better than any stupid computer. 
Just out of interest I did this test and I was totally flashed. My favourite scent "Be Delicious" was also my top choice from the test. Additionally, they recommended me trying out "Fresh Blossom" which I will definitely do during my next shopping trip.

However, the best thing was that no test has ever described my personality so well.
My result was:

I totally recommend trying this out.
 I just can say once a gain that this is seriously the best test I have ever done!
If you want to try the test then click here!

I wish you a wonderful weekend and please tell me if you like the DKNY scents!


Quick Tip To Avoid Binge Eating I

Find an occupation or a hobby which require quiet a while and your full concentration!
By concentrating on other thinks than food you can get your head free and you might be able to ask yourself: "Do I really need to eat this? What is the sense of eating all this stuff?"

This might not be the most "healthy" solution, but by pushing your obsession from food to your hobby, e.g. sport, painting or blogging ;), you might be able to escape out of your binge eating!
Everyone has an obsession and nobody says something against an obsession for makeup or painting, so why not pushing your obsession to another way.


Astor Shine Deluxe Lip Gloss - Swatches

One of my favourite lip glosses is the Astor Shine Deluxe in 010 Fuchsia Sapphire. 
The picture doesn't show the colour correctly, it is more a pink, raspberry shade as one can see on the swatches.

Astor describes the products:
"Maximum color and plumping impact for a shimmering sparkle effect and lustrous shine.
Enriched with Royal Jelly, Precious Gemstones or Pearls, the formula energizes, glamorizes and moisturizes lips. They look plumper by up to 35%, thanks to a genuine push-up effect, and they boast a scintillating shine that lasts up to 6 full hours!"

The applicator is, as usual, nothing special. However, the application is absolutely stunning. One need the thinest amount on the applicator in order to achieve a colorful bright lip.
 Thus, the colour payoff of the lipgloss is absolutely great. Additionally, it is not a sheer lipgloss. One can rather build this colour up so that one doesn't even need a lipstick underneath.


The colour is absolutely beautiful. I would say that this is a dupe to the Lancôme Colour Fever Gloss 321 Dangerously Fever. It is a pinky raspberry lipstick with a bit of shimmer and it shines a lot. 
It is the perfect colour in between too sheer and too bold, therefore one can wear it as a eye-catcher to a neutral eye makeup, to nice bronzy eye makeup and to many other looks.

The lipgloss is not sticky and stays on really long. I wouldn't say that it is lip plumping but because of the fact that it is so shiny, the lips are automatically more voluminous.
Also, the lipgloss smells a bit fruity.
This lipgloss costs about 7,99€, there also exist 10 other shades and I think it is totally worth it.

Have you ever tried the Astor lip glosses?


Sexy Purple Spring Make Up! (Perfect For Green Eyes)

This purple makeup is perfect for the spring weather which finally, is arriving here. Also, this purple eye makeup will suit perfectly to green eyes, but obviously, it will also suit to all other eye colours.

Products that I've used:

+ Catrice LE Enter Wonderland - C03 Lavenderlicious
+ Maybelline 33 Vintage Grey
+ Chicogo dark grey eyeliner pencil 

Apply the light pink eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye and on the half of your eyelid.

Apply the light purple eyeshadow all over the lid. Extend the colour to the outer part in a V shape.

Also apply this purple colour under your eye

Mix the light and dark grey together and blend it into your crease like a V- shape

Apply a dark grey eyeliner on the outer half of your upper lash line and smug it.
Curl your lashes, apply mascara and define your eyebrows.

And that's it! 

Finish the look with a nude pink lip. I used the P2 Lipstick in Sunset Boulevard

I hope you like this tutorial. Please let me know what you would like to see next!
What is your perfect spring look?

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