Little Know Ways To Find Your Body Type

Knowing your body shape can make your life much easier. Because once you determined your body shape, you can buy and choose specific clothes in order to flatter your special body shape. 
There doesn't exist one ideal body shape, every single body shape has its advantage and is attractive on its own way. And it is so easy to find out which body shape you are! Now, let's start:

Step 1: Take measurements

Take the measurements from your shoulder, bust, waist and hips as described on the picture above. However, there has to be made a correction in this picture. You always have to take the measurements around your whole body. So when you take the measurements from your shoulder, then you have to put the measuring tape from one shoulder to the other, around your back and around your lanyard. 
Write all the numbers down.

The body shapes

Step 2: Know all body shapes and determine yours

As you can see on the picture above there exist five different body shapes and each has specific measurements:

An hourglass shaped body has similar measurements around chest and hips whereas the waist is noticeable smaller.
A strawberry shaped body has his broadest point around the shoulders. All other measurements are smaller.
A pear shaped body gains weight around the hips, has narrow shoulders and a smaller bust. Here are the hips the largest point.
An apple shaped body gains weight on the upper body, therefore, the hips are remarkable smaller.
A rectangle shaped body has similar measurements around shoulders, chest, waist and hips. Therefore, one can hardly find any curves.

If you now look on you measurements and you examine the highest and lowest numbers and which numbers are quite similar, one should become aware of your body shape by compare the numbers with the description and pictures above.

However, these shapes are just guidelines. There exist just a small amount of women who have this exact body. It is rather likely that you are a mixture between two figures or a "transformation". This "transformation" becomes hopefully clear by showing me as an example in step 4.

Step 3: Check your body in the mirror

When you are still not sure which body shape you are or if you want to check your conclusions, then have a look in the mirror. Look at your body with narrow eyes and notice how the outline/the frame of your body looks like. You can even use four hands to follow this frame.
This line may give you a hint which shape you really are and whether you can also be a transformation or a mixture.

Step 4: Explanation with an example

My measurements are:

101 cm / 39 inch
88 cm / 34 inch
76 cm / 29 inch
100 cm / 39 inch

Here you can see that my highest measurements, which are also similar, are the shoulders and hips. 
Therefore, I firstly came to these conclusions:
- I am a pear shape cause my hips are dominate
I don't have narrow shoulders or an extremely small chest

- I am a strawberry shape because I have broad shoulders
I definitely don't have small hips

Lastly, I checked my results in the mirror with narrow eyes and I could definitely see an hourglass even though chest and hips aren't similar but rather shoulders and hips.
Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I am a "transformation" of an hourglass shape. Instead of having similar measurements in chest and hips, I have them in shoulder and hips and nevertheless, I have a visible waist.

Now knowing which body shape I am, I can choose the right outfits for my body. And you can find your body shape too!

 I hope you found this helpful and please tell me, which body shape are you?

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