OOTD: The Last Cold Days

  Dress/Zara - Blazer/Esprit - Shirt/New Yorker - Black Tights - Necklace/Accessorize

Today was hopefully the last day where I had to wear warm clothes, because for the weekend we are expecting beautiful sunny 25°C!
Thus, I want to share with you my last winter/spring outfit before I officially transform my whole wardrobe into spring and summer!

I am actually not a huge fan of black clothes, however, I think that black suits to this dress so well. 
Actually, this dress is a mini summer dress which I transformed into a warmer outfit with some thick black tights and a shirt plus blazer on top. I do not see the sense in buying a dress that can be just worn during the summer time. That would mean, at least for me, a waste of money. 
Also, I think that the bright red colour of the dress brightens up the grey weather outside and brings me in a more positive mood.

I wrapped up the sleeves of my blazer so that this outfit doesn't look too conservative. Therefore, it appears a bit more casual and can absolutely be worn in school.
In order to balance the bright colour from my upper part of my body, I added a colorful pearl necklace to this look, which also has got red pearls. This colorful necklace makes this look again a bit more casual and playful.

Hope you liked the look and 
what do you wear when the weather is absolutely terrible?

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