Find Your Perfect Scent

I am so excited to tell you from my last discovery!

For two years now I am addicted to the DKNY scent "Be Delicious". I know that they have a lot of other beautiful scents, which are also not that expensive. However, I am afraid of buying them, because I am not sure whether the scent really suits to me.

Last week I stumbled across a scent finder from the official DKNY Facebook page.
I have to admit that I have never believed in online test because I am convinced that I know myself better than any stupid computer. 
Just out of interest I did this test and I was totally flashed. My favourite scent "Be Delicious" was also my top choice from the test. Additionally, they recommended me trying out "Fresh Blossom" which I will definitely do during my next shopping trip.

However, the best thing was that no test has ever described my personality so well.
My result was:

I totally recommend trying this out.
 I just can say once a gain that this is seriously the best test I have ever done!
If you want to try the test then click here!

I wish you a wonderful weekend and please tell me if you like the DKNY scents!

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