New Concept: English - Deutsch (German) ?

As you might probably know I live in Germany and therefore, I also buy products that are not available worldwide, however, they are so good that I want to share them with you, especially for my german readers.

Thus, I came across two options:
(a) Reviewing all the products in english even though some Germans wouldn't be able to understand this. Nevertheless, everyone else could understand it.
(b) Reviewing international products in English and German products in German and writing any other posts in English as I already did before. 

It is really important that you tell me, English-speaking and German-speaking readers, your opinion!
I want to create my blog in the way you want to read it!

Of course, if I decided to go for solution (b), then I would give my best to keep English and German posts in balance.

So, please tell me what you thing about this concept!

All the best,


  1. Definitely solution B is the best choice:-)

    check out also my blog

    xx ketty xx


    1. Thank you for your opinion!

      I have to say that your blog is absolutely stunning!!!

      xx Marie


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