16 Breathtaking Prom Dresses - My Top Picks

Hello my beautiful friends!

How are you?
As you might know, Prom seasons is going to come soon and I also have to attend to my graduation ceremony. The most important thing about this evening is to find a nice prom dress. I have already told you in my Prom Series how you can find the perfect dress for your body shape, however, today I want to share with you my top picks considering the dress choice. So this is my personal style and also mainly focused on brands that are available in Germany, nevertheless, I hope this will give you some inspiration for your prom dress. So let's start!

1. Coast - Pale Pink Maxi Dress (Link)
2. Luxuar - Dark Blue Dress with Rhinestone Detail (Link)
3. Butik Dayi
4. Luxuar - Dark Blue Dress with Rhinestone Detail (Link)
5. Coast Red Maxi Dress (Link)

1. Butik Dayi
2. Young Couture - Pale Pink Dress (Link)
3. Butik Dayi
4. Laona - Burgundy Satin Dress (Link)
5. Butik Dayi
6. Luxuar - Cockail Dress with sequins (Link)

1. Mango - Black Cocktail Dress with Gold Details (Link)
2. Jake's - Dress with Contrasting Colours (Link)
3. Coast - Red Bandeau Dress (Link)
4. Mango - Draped Navy Blue Shoulder Dress (Link)
5. Coast - Blue Crepe Dress (Link)

I divided my Top Picks in long dresses, short dresses for the graduation ceremony and formal dresses which would be great when you get your actual certificate. I discovered this brand Butik Dayi (Link) which designs amazing creative dresses that have a slight oriental touch without being over the top. I hope you liked this selection and tell me which dress you are going to wear for Prom?

Wish you a wonderful day!


My Bedroom Makeover!

Hello everyone!

How are you?
A lot has been going on in my life and probably will be, so sorry for any posts that I am missing and that I can't post that regular any more. However, today I want to share with you one of my big projects on which I am working. It is my bedroom makeover! Okay, in fact, I just bought a new, larger bed because I am going to move to another flat in two months, so it doesn't make any sense to completely redecorate my whole bedroom. In detail, I followed these steps until I had my new bed.

Step #1: Research a lot and take your time to reflect about your purchase. If you still like it after 2 weeks or more, then this might be the perfect furniture for you. Also think about the colour and what really suits into your bedroom.

Step #2: Design or plan your future bedroom with a virtual online room planer e.g. the one by Roomle (Link) or draw a plan so that you make sure that it fits into your bedroom.

Step #3: Organize the purchase, your helpers and the transport beforehand, so that you don't lose the overview.

Step #4: Now there starts my individual progress. I just cleared out my whole bookshelf, removed all the books that I don't read, moved it into another room and put all books back into the shelf. I also reorganized everything in my room, so that I was able to remove one complete DVD shelf.

Step #5: Then I carried my bed from the first ground to the top floor.

Step #6: And I did some retouches on the wallpaper and cleaning because of all the work.

Step #7: Finally, I bought the bed and build it. I rearranged and decorated everything and I was done.

With the collage I tried to give you a little idea of how my bedroom looks like right now. Except of the last step I did everything on my own and I am quite proud of this. I also absolutely love my bed and am totally blessed with the idea of buying it before I move.
I hope you liked this little insight and have a wonderful sunny day!



The Perfect Make up for the Opera

Hello guys!

I hope you are doing well!
I know that going to the opera is not a typical visit or something that especially teenagers or young adults do every weekend, however, I wanted to share with you my make up that I wore while I was going the opera last weekend. Because of my parents, I have the opportunity to go to the opera quiet often, which I also do when I have time. In the opera you want to look sophisticated, elegant without being too sexy, so a dramatic smokey eye isn't appropriate for it. Thus, a winged eye liner look is just perfect for this event.

The Look

In detail:

✯ matte beige eyeshadow all over the eyelid
✯ matt white eyeshadow in the inner corner and under the brow bone
✯ rusty matte brown eyeshadow softly in the crease and along the bottom lash line
✯ black liner from the centre of the upper lid outwards, keep the wing rather small

I stayed with matt eyeshadows as I find that they look the most sophisticated. Make sure that the winged liner is not that dominant, it should rather serve to make your lashes appear thicker. I also filled in my eyebrows and used mascara.

I kept my lips as usual pretty nude my wearing the Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 190 The Nuder The Better and applied a clear glittery gloss by Maybelline on top

So that's it for today. I hope you liked this little "Make up of the day" and perhaps you want to go to the opera right now just in order to wear the make up :) 
Do you go to the opera several times a year?

Wish you a wonderful day!


3 Proven First Date Outfit Ideas!

Hello everybody!

How are you?
I am doing really really well. As I ave mentioned in my New Years Resolutions, I intended to get a boyfriend thus year and I am currently working on this project really intensively. I hope that the spring feelings are also successful for you and you will find a nice guy or woman or you just have a lovely relationship already. Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you 3 First Date Outfit Ideas, that had been really successful during some dates, thus, they are really proven. On a first date, you should enhance your best features without revealing too much of you, therefore, a tight jeans is fine, but without a low neckline. So let's have a look.

#1 Casual First Date Outfit *favourite*

1. Beige handbag - La Redoute Creation
2. Black ballerinas - Les Tropéziennes
3. Black V-Neck Shirt - Arrival
4. Skinny denim jeans - Meltin Pot
5. Black leatherjacket - AJC
6. Perfume Parisienne - Yves Saint Laurent

1. Black bag - Anne Weyburn
2. Red nail polish - Artdeco
3. Strawberry coloured blouse - Best Connection
4. Black A-line skirt - Zalando
5. Black ballerinas with a bow - Georgina Rose

I hope you found this post a bit helpful. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing and don't try to hard on the first date. Try to stay casual, but sexy. I know that the first and second outfit are quite similar, but I really like this style combination and again, these outfits were successful ;)
Let me know what you like to wear on a first date!

Wish you a wonderful day!


5 Stunning & Photo-Friendly Prom Make up Ideas

Hello everyone!

How are you? 
Welcome to the third part of my Prom Series in which I am exclusively going to talk about make up and which make up look I find the most flattering during prom. If you have missed my previous posts of my Prom Series about finding your perfect neckline (Link) and finding your perfect dress according to your body type (Link), then have a look there.

So, if you look in Youtube and type in         you will find a lot of amazing Prom Make up looks from real make up artists or ordinary people that share tutorials for a makeup specifically for Prom. For example, Lisa Eldridge shows a professional look (Link) as well as the Pixiwoo sisters (Link) also with a red lip (Link). But because you can find these tutorials so easily, I want to show you other tutorials that are not primarily designed for Prom, but still absolutely appropriate for it. 

Look #1 - The Classic Look

This is a very classic yet elegant and pretty make up that suits to every dress. It makes you look fresh and sophisticated and can also be combined with a red lip. By the way, this lady reminds me so much of Leighton Meester. :)

Look #2 - Demi Lovato Makeup Tutorial

This look is pretty similar to the one above except of the fact that the liner is much more thicker and heavier, thus, this look is a bit more dramatic and also focuses on a dewy skin. This look suits to any dress again and is perfect for you when you want to dramatize the classic make up a bit.

Look #3 - Amanda Seyfried Oscars Makeup Tutorial

Because of the purple eyeshadows, this make up is different than usual ones, but don't be afraid of using a bit of colour as this look still looks amazing and breathtaking. Even though there are no harsh liner or bold eyelashes involved, this look is absolutely striking. However, I wouldn't choose this look when you are wearing a dress in this colour range. 

Look #4 - Millie Mackintosh inspired wearable smokey eye

I would describe this look as being actually a wearable smokey eye for everyday, however, I find this look so flattering, sexy and outstanding that it is definitely appropriate for Prom. I can imagine this look being combined with a dress in warm colours or with golden details or worn by someone with a rather golden skin undertone.

Look #5 - Jennifer Lopez Makeup Tutorial

As this is by far one of the best make up tutorials on youtube, it shouldn't be left out in this Prom make up idea list. This is a beautiful, brown and golden dramatic eye make up that suits to a dress in warm colours or with golden details again. It is a unique version of a regular brown smokey eye and will make you appear elegant, but sexy in the same time.

So these were my make up ideas for Prom. I still haven't decided which of these I am going to pick for my graduation party and in fact, I have to choose two make up looks as I have to attend to two graduation events which, however, are on the same day. But that's another story. So I hope you found this a bit helpful and tell me which make up look do you like to wear on official evening parties?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,


My Wardrobe Essentials

Today I want to show you my personal wardrobe essentials that are the base of my wardrobe. Of course, everyone has got another must-have and this list also consists more of basics as this only shows my ESSENTIAL items. However, I think that these essential clothes can be useful by building up your own wardrobe because I wished to have this advise from my mother, friend etc. 

#1 light pair of elegant shorts
My first wardrobe essential is a light pair of shorts. I prefer wearing black or darker t-shirts as I found them more flattering on me, so a white, light rosy or beige elegant shorts would suit perfectly to this style. It can also be worn for a casual day or a night out.

#2 light blouse

A light blouse (again white, light rosy or beige) is an absolute must-have in everyones wardrobe. A blouse is really versatile, it's works great for any business look, with a black skirt or it can look amazing with shorts for a more casual look.

#3 Top
It doesn't matter which colour or shape you choose, but you have to have a basic top. This item is perfect for hot summer days, as a sport shirt or just to wear it underneath another shirt.

#4 The Little Black Dress
This is a classic, but in fact, a classic black dress does suit to any evening and day outfit and always looks great.

#5 Sweater with a V-neckline

Some like cardigans or sweater with a round neckline or hoddies, I love sweater with a v-neckline. So I would choose a maroon sweater especially now for the upcoming autumn time.

 #6 - black blazer
My absolute favourite item in my whole wardrobe: my black blazer. I wear him to everything: Jeans, Skirt, Dresses, Shorts! A blazer just makes every outfit sophisticated!

#7 Good fitting jeans
It doesn't matter whether you prefer skinny jeans, boot cut or straight jeans, however, a really good fitting jeans is an absolute stabile. I seriously can not think about a live without jeans anymore and I would even say that the jeans became kind of a uniform for young people.

#8 beige pants
Next to a jeans for me it is important to have a pair of beige pants. Beige pants are not too bold like red trousers, they rather look elegant and are something different then the usual blue or black trousers.

#8 Basic shirt
This is probably too simple, but this is also a part of my wardrobe essentials: a basic top. Obviously, a black shirt looks good with everything, but a red, coral, green,... top with a basic cut is suitable to any combination.

#9 Black short skirt
The last stabile of my wardrobe is a black mini skirt. If you prefer to wear longer skirts, then get a longer skirt, but a black skirt makes the life so much easier. You can wear it to a business look, a night out or an everyday outfit.

So these were my wardrobe essentials. Again everyone has its own wardrobe essentials, but I hope this was helpful and you can add one of these clothing items to your personal list. So what are your wardrobe essentials?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,


Give Me 2 Seconds And You'll Want New Fitness Clothes!

Hello everyone!

How are you and what are your fitness goals are doing? 
Well, as you might have realised, I have started running and while I was running outdoor when it was freezing cold outside, there was only one thing in my mind: I definitely need more outdoor running sport clothes! Considering this case, I started browsing through the internet again and found a couple of really nice running clothes. This time I wanted to focus on cheaper clothes, longsleeve shirts, jackets and tights and also this list doesn't replace my latest Fitness Wish List (Link). This is rather ana additional wish list. So let's have a closer look.

Longsleeve Shirts, Bras & Tops

The most important investment is a good windbreaker jacket and some longsleeve, transpiration-absorbing shirts that serves as a second layer in between my jacket and my bra.
1. Odlo turtle neck shirt Evolution Warm (Link)
2. H&M Sports Jacket(Link)
3. Nike Element Half-Zip Women's Running Top (Link)
4. Adidas Women's Response 3-Stripes Long Sleeve Tee (Link)
5. H&M Sports Top (Link)
6. H&M Sports Bra (Link)
7. H&M Sports Bra (Link)
8. H&M Sports Top (Link)

Tights, Sportwatch & IPod Holder

When I don't take my IPod with me, then I don't know what time it is, so I would love to have a tiny sport watch. Also, when I don't have any pockets, then I still want to take my IPOD with me, thus, an IPod Holder would be perfect. Lastly, I'd love to have some more sport tights from H&M, however, the ones from NIKE still caught my eye.
1. IPod Nano Sport Armband (Link)
2. Air Sports Watch (Link)
3. H&M Sport Tights (Link)
4. H&M Sport Tights  (Link)

So this was my second Fitness Wish List which is more based on running outdoor now. I hope you like that I tried to include a few cheaper clothes as I think the H&M sport tights are really comfortable to wear. Besides, I would have to have a fortune in order to buy all the popular sport brands even though I would buy everything from their collection! :)

Are you also addicted to sport clothes?

I wish you a wonderful day! 


The Surprising & Unexpected Effects of Passing Final Exams

Firstly, hey everyone!

I hope you have a lovely day and perhaps you experience a sunny spring day somewhere whereas the weather here sucks so much. However, let's go back to the topic.

So basically, after finishing my written final exams and have been forced to stick to a tough and disciplined time schedule, I experienced a huge progress in my private management. Before this huge study time, I totally freaked out when I had to do two things in a time and was incapable of behaving spontaneous, flexible or open to new topics as they caused so much stress for me.
Now, after my exams, I am so much better in time-managment, in fact, I don't delay any task that I have to do, I stay rather focused and rational. Therefore, I can complete much more tasks on a daily or weekly basis than I ever could without being stressed and additionally, staying open for new tasks.

In detail, I am able to handle 5 important aspects in my life without neglecting any of them. I do everything for my school and all extra work including homework, presentation etc. and I can keep social contacts to all my friends and beloved for the first time, also arranging some private meetings with doctors etc. I am also able to do a cardio & strength workout plan that needs quite a bit of time and find some time for my hobbies or just some plain free-time. Of course, there are days were I am not able to do one of these things, but in general, I am pretty good in keeping it in balance. I never thought that I might be able to handle all of this, perhaps it has something to do with the patience and calmness that I get after running.

Nevertheless, I am really satisfied with this balance and my ability to handle all of my important things. I think, it is all about balance and finding the daily routine that works best for you. Thus, you can even "multi-task" when you have a full-time job and I highly recommend working on this as it really reduces stress and this constant dissatisfaction that I have experienced.
So tell me whether you find it hard to handle everything in your life? 

Wish you a stress-free day! 


P2 Sunset Boulevard - Review & Swatches

Hello guys!

I hope you are doing well!
Today I want to review a lipstick that I own for a very long time, but never really appreciated it. It is the P2 Pure Color Lipstick - Sunset Boulevard which is a cheap German drugstore brand as this lipstick only costs 1,95€. Anna Saccone mentioned this lipstick in one of her latest favourite videos and I remembered that I own this lipstick too. So I pulled it out of my drawer, started using it properly for the first time and I really liked this lipstick. I can'r really understand why I haven't used it that often.

is originally lighter 

The pure color lipstick provides for intensive colour. Despite its very light formulation, the lipstick is long-lasting and offers an intensive colour-payoff. The optimal acutance prevents the lipstick from creasing on wrinkles at the lips. Hyaluronic acid provides for intensive care.

*Side note: Translated by me. I have no idea what they mean with acutance.*

Swatch - natural light
Swatch - artificial light

  • creamy consistency
  • beautiful pale pink colour; can be worn with and without heavy eye make up
  • don't have to worry about applying
  • price

  • creamy consistency
  • packaging
  • creases on the inner side of the lips

★★★☆☆ Stars

As much as I love the colour and really enjoyed wearing this lipstick with a lot of blush on my cheeks and only mascara on my eyes, the formulation is not the best. I don't mind the creamy consistency, but you have to check yourself in the mirror as the lipstick creases on the inner side of your lips and that looks really disgusting. So, I would prefer a stickier version of this lipstick, however, if you like the colour and don't mind checking yourself a bit more often in the mirror, then you can buy it.
Have you been in Germany and tested one of the P2 products?

Wish you a wonderful day! 


See How Easily You Can Become An Athlete

Hello everyone!

How are you? I hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed spending some time with your family, relaxing a bit and eat a lot of chocolate :) Well, when we are just talking about chocolate resp. nutrition resp. fitness, I want to share with you the most surprising development that has ever happened in my life. Yes, I never thought that this will ever happen in my life as I absolutely hated this certain exercise and laughed at all these people in the park. So what am I talking about? What a hard question considering the title of the post :)

I started running! 

Yes, this really means a lot for me and I still can believe how that happened. However, for a few weeks the idea of running started to fascinate me considering the ability of the body to build up such a condition that you can run a marathon. The idea of just running right out of the position where I am and  not feeling the urge to stop for 20-30 minutes is so incredible and is also a natural ability if one regards the "water runners" in the desert.

Additionally, you only need a good pair of trainers, thus, absolutely everybody can do it. Running outdoor really clears my mind and delivers such an amazing feeling of freedom. It is also a high calorie-burner and forms a lean and tight body structure.

I plan to incorporate running in my workout plan while balancing out strength / HIIT Training with running. So my plan is to go running three times a week and to do HIIT training three times a week too or when the weather is really bad. I am not sure whether this plan makes any sense and firstly, I have to test it out, but I will five you a fitness update later. As I already have a base condition, I don't want to start with ZERO, nevertheless, I know that I won't be able to run 30 minutes in high speed straight through, so I want to slowly increase the length and speed of my running section starting with medium speed for 20 minutes.

So this was my surprising progress or change in my fitness routine (at least for me). I am in such high spirits and have so much motivation which I haven't had for a really long time. It also helps me focusing even more on my diet!
Please tell me, do you go running and what do you like about it?

I wish you a beautiful (running) day!

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