5 Stunning & Photo-Friendly Prom Make up Ideas

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Welcome to the third part of my Prom Series in which I am exclusively going to talk about make up and which make up look I find the most flattering during prom. If you have missed my previous posts of my Prom Series about finding your perfect neckline (Link) and finding your perfect dress according to your body type (Link), then have a look there.

So, if you look in Youtube and type in         you will find a lot of amazing Prom Make up looks from real make up artists or ordinary people that share tutorials for a makeup specifically for Prom. For example, Lisa Eldridge shows a professional look (Link) as well as the Pixiwoo sisters (Link) also with a red lip (Link). But because you can find these tutorials so easily, I want to show you other tutorials that are not primarily designed for Prom, but still absolutely appropriate for it. 

Look #1 - The Classic Look

This is a very classic yet elegant and pretty make up that suits to every dress. It makes you look fresh and sophisticated and can also be combined with a red lip. By the way, this lady reminds me so much of Leighton Meester. :)

Look #2 - Demi Lovato Makeup Tutorial

This look is pretty similar to the one above except of the fact that the liner is much more thicker and heavier, thus, this look is a bit more dramatic and also focuses on a dewy skin. This look suits to any dress again and is perfect for you when you want to dramatize the classic make up a bit.

Look #3 - Amanda Seyfried Oscars Makeup Tutorial

Because of the purple eyeshadows, this make up is different than usual ones, but don't be afraid of using a bit of colour as this look still looks amazing and breathtaking. Even though there are no harsh liner or bold eyelashes involved, this look is absolutely striking. However, I wouldn't choose this look when you are wearing a dress in this colour range. 

Look #4 - Millie Mackintosh inspired wearable smokey eye

I would describe this look as being actually a wearable smokey eye for everyday, however, I find this look so flattering, sexy and outstanding that it is definitely appropriate for Prom. I can imagine this look being combined with a dress in warm colours or with golden details or worn by someone with a rather golden skin undertone.

Look #5 - Jennifer Lopez Makeup Tutorial

As this is by far one of the best make up tutorials on youtube, it shouldn't be left out in this Prom make up idea list. This is a beautiful, brown and golden dramatic eye make up that suits to a dress in warm colours or with golden details again. It is a unique version of a regular brown smokey eye and will make you appear elegant, but sexy in the same time.

So these were my make up ideas for Prom. I still haven't decided which of these I am going to pick for my graduation party and in fact, I have to choose two make up looks as I have to attend to two graduation events which, however, are on the same day. But that's another story. So I hope you found this a bit helpful and tell me which make up look do you like to wear on official evening parties?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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