See How Easily You Can Become An Athlete

Hello everyone!

How are you? I hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed spending some time with your family, relaxing a bit and eat a lot of chocolate :) Well, when we are just talking about chocolate resp. nutrition resp. fitness, I want to share with you the most surprising development that has ever happened in my life. Yes, I never thought that this will ever happen in my life as I absolutely hated this certain exercise and laughed at all these people in the park. So what am I talking about? What a hard question considering the title of the post :)

I started running! 

Yes, this really means a lot for me and I still can believe how that happened. However, for a few weeks the idea of running started to fascinate me considering the ability of the body to build up such a condition that you can run a marathon. The idea of just running right out of the position where I am and  not feeling the urge to stop for 20-30 minutes is so incredible and is also a natural ability if one regards the "water runners" in the desert.

Additionally, you only need a good pair of trainers, thus, absolutely everybody can do it. Running outdoor really clears my mind and delivers such an amazing feeling of freedom. It is also a high calorie-burner and forms a lean and tight body structure.

I plan to incorporate running in my workout plan while balancing out strength / HIIT Training with running. So my plan is to go running three times a week and to do HIIT training three times a week too or when the weather is really bad. I am not sure whether this plan makes any sense and firstly, I have to test it out, but I will five you a fitness update later. As I already have a base condition, I don't want to start with ZERO, nevertheless, I know that I won't be able to run 30 minutes in high speed straight through, so I want to slowly increase the length and speed of my running section starting with medium speed for 20 minutes.

So this was my surprising progress or change in my fitness routine (at least for me). I am in such high spirits and have so much motivation which I haven't had for a really long time. It also helps me focusing even more on my diet!
Please tell me, do you go running and what do you like about it?

I wish you a beautiful (running) day!

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