Give Me 2 Seconds And You'll Want New Fitness Clothes!

Hello everyone!

How are you and what are your fitness goals are doing? 
Well, as you might have realised, I have started running and while I was running outdoor when it was freezing cold outside, there was only one thing in my mind: I definitely need more outdoor running sport clothes! Considering this case, I started browsing through the internet again and found a couple of really nice running clothes. This time I wanted to focus on cheaper clothes, longsleeve shirts, jackets and tights and also this list doesn't replace my latest Fitness Wish List (Link). This is rather ana additional wish list. So let's have a closer look.

Longsleeve Shirts, Bras & Tops

The most important investment is a good windbreaker jacket and some longsleeve, transpiration-absorbing shirts that serves as a second layer in between my jacket and my bra.
1. Odlo turtle neck shirt Evolution Warm (Link)
2. H&M Sports Jacket(Link)
3. Nike Element Half-Zip Women's Running Top (Link)
4. Adidas Women's Response 3-Stripes Long Sleeve Tee (Link)
5. H&M Sports Top (Link)
6. H&M Sports Bra (Link)
7. H&M Sports Bra (Link)
8. H&M Sports Top (Link)

Tights, Sportwatch & IPod Holder

When I don't take my IPod with me, then I don't know what time it is, so I would love to have a tiny sport watch. Also, when I don't have any pockets, then I still want to take my IPOD with me, thus, an IPod Holder would be perfect. Lastly, I'd love to have some more sport tights from H&M, however, the ones from NIKE still caught my eye.
1. IPod Nano Sport Armband (Link)
2. Air Sports Watch (Link)
3. H&M Sport Tights (Link)
4. H&M Sport Tights  (Link)

So this was my second Fitness Wish List which is more based on running outdoor now. I hope you like that I tried to include a few cheaper clothes as I think the H&M sport tights are really comfortable to wear. Besides, I would have to have a fortune in order to buy all the popular sport brands even though I would buy everything from their collection! :)

Are you also addicted to sport clothes?

I wish you a wonderful day! 

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