The Surprising & Unexpected Effects of Passing Final Exams

Firstly, hey everyone!

I hope you have a lovely day and perhaps you experience a sunny spring day somewhere whereas the weather here sucks so much. However, let's go back to the topic.

So basically, after finishing my written final exams and have been forced to stick to a tough and disciplined time schedule, I experienced a huge progress in my private management. Before this huge study time, I totally freaked out when I had to do two things in a time and was incapable of behaving spontaneous, flexible or open to new topics as they caused so much stress for me.
Now, after my exams, I am so much better in time-managment, in fact, I don't delay any task that I have to do, I stay rather focused and rational. Therefore, I can complete much more tasks on a daily or weekly basis than I ever could without being stressed and additionally, staying open for new tasks.

In detail, I am able to handle 5 important aspects in my life without neglecting any of them. I do everything for my school and all extra work including homework, presentation etc. and I can keep social contacts to all my friends and beloved for the first time, also arranging some private meetings with doctors etc. I am also able to do a cardio & strength workout plan that needs quite a bit of time and find some time for my hobbies or just some plain free-time. Of course, there are days were I am not able to do one of these things, but in general, I am pretty good in keeping it in balance. I never thought that I might be able to handle all of this, perhaps it has something to do with the patience and calmness that I get after running.

Nevertheless, I am really satisfied with this balance and my ability to handle all of my important things. I think, it is all about balance and finding the daily routine that works best for you. Thus, you can even "multi-task" when you have a full-time job and I highly recommend working on this as it really reduces stress and this constant dissatisfaction that I have experienced.
So tell me whether you find it hard to handle everything in your life? 

Wish you a stress-free day! 

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