16 Breathtaking Prom Dresses - My Top Picks

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As you might know, Prom seasons is going to come soon and I also have to attend to my graduation ceremony. The most important thing about this evening is to find a nice prom dress. I have already told you in my Prom Series how you can find the perfect dress for your body shape, however, today I want to share with you my top picks considering the dress choice. So this is my personal style and also mainly focused on brands that are available in Germany, nevertheless, I hope this will give you some inspiration for your prom dress. So let's start!

1. Coast - Pale Pink Maxi Dress (Link)
2. Luxuar - Dark Blue Dress with Rhinestone Detail (Link)
3. Butik Dayi
4. Luxuar - Dark Blue Dress with Rhinestone Detail (Link)
5. Coast Red Maxi Dress (Link)

1. Butik Dayi
2. Young Couture - Pale Pink Dress (Link)
3. Butik Dayi
4. Laona - Burgundy Satin Dress (Link)
5. Butik Dayi
6. Luxuar - Cockail Dress with sequins (Link)

1. Mango - Black Cocktail Dress with Gold Details (Link)
2. Jake's - Dress with Contrasting Colours (Link)
3. Coast - Red Bandeau Dress (Link)
4. Mango - Draped Navy Blue Shoulder Dress (Link)
5. Coast - Blue Crepe Dress (Link)

I divided my Top Picks in long dresses, short dresses for the graduation ceremony and formal dresses which would be great when you get your actual certificate. I discovered this brand Butik Dayi (Link) which designs amazing creative dresses that have a slight oriental touch without being over the top. I hope you liked this selection and tell me which dress you are going to wear for Prom?

Wish you a wonderful day!

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