Runners Are More Attractive - 10 More Reasons To Start Running

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Inspired by the fact that I have become a runner and feeling the first positive aspects of running only after one week, I want to encourage you introducing running into to your weekly workout routine. After watching Chariots of Fire last night, I just had to write this post, so here are 10 motivating reasons why you have to start running RIGHT NOW. So let's start.

1. Running improves your health
Probably the most important reason to start running is the fact you improve your health so much. Here are some facts: Running strengthens the heart, ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, decreases your risk of a heart attack as your heart gets stronger, reduces your blood pressure if it's above normal, strengthens lungs and bronchi keeps high cholesterol under control, improves your immune system, reduces effect of diabetes, increases bone density, which can fend off osteoporosis.

2. Runners are more attractive
Regular runners report that their attitude has changed as running increases their confidence and self-esteem especially by setting specific goals. You'll realize that you'll become a lot more positive and happier in your life, some notice that you are more sociable than usual. Also studies have shwon that runners are more patient, balanced, optimistic and happier than non-runners. PErsonally, I have really experienced this change.

3. Set a specific goal
Some people find it hard to train without any specific aim or intention. However, running provides you a huge variety of competition starting with races, 5K, 10K or even a marathon. Setting a specific goal can really boost your motivation to run and you become even better.

4. You sleep better
Something that I have really noticed after the first run is that my sleep has improved so much even though I don't feel extremely exhausted after my run.

5. You get more energy
Running strengthens and clear the body and the mind. Running not only refreshes but also gives you energy and increases your ability of concentrate. Consequently, it gives you a great memory and good concentration during study, work or daily tasks. This is another point that I have definitely experienced.

6. The best calorie burner
Even though the exercise is pretty simple. running burns the most calories with an avergae of 705-865 calories in an hour. So this is the perfect exercise if you want to lose weight / fat which can be even improved by doing interval training.

7. Experience something new and explore your area
By introducing running into your workout schedule, you will be able to break out of your daily routine and get your old excitement back. Also, by searching for running tracks, you can explore your area and become aware of new places, your neighbours, the nature and the beautiful weather.

8. Running helps with stress relief
As many other exercises, running is great as a stress relief an can cure emotion strain and mild depressions. People who exercise are generally happier than those who don't, whereas I personally have experienced that running really clears the mind and thus, is perfect for relieve some stress.

9. Meet people through running
People who say that running is a lonely sport, but that's totally wrong. Some prefer the quiet and solitude of running, others use this time for social connections. In many cities there exist running clubs where people meet in order to run together so that they motivate each other and can accomplish goals together, so you can make really good friends there.

10. Running is versatile and inexpensive
In order to run, you only need a good pair of trainers and then you can step out of your front door. There is no expensive equipment e.g. a bike needed, so it is an exercise for everyone. You don't need a special place, you can choose your own running tracks and there are tons of different tracks around your house, which makes every running session so versatile. Also, when you are traveling a lot, you can just pack your running shoes and you are ready to run at your destination.

 So these were my Top 10 Reasons To Start Running. There exist a lot of good reasons why you should start running, but I thought these were the most interesting. Anyway, just crap your running shoes and give this exercise a go. Choose a nice running track on a sunny day and don't think too much, just start running with some walking breaks in between.
I hope you liked this post and tell me whether you go running?

Wish you a wonderful day! 

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