3 Simple & Impressive Hairstyles to Become the Prom Queen

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We are finally coming almost to the end of our little Prom Series as this is the second to last post considering Prom. I hope you still enjoy reading these posts and that you find them helpful. So today I want to share with you my Top 3 Hairstyles for Prom. There are a ton of lovely hair tutorials on Youtube and I admire everyone you can create such an amazing work with their hair. I would consider myself as being totally untalented in this, thus, I choose quite simple, basic and easy hairstyles that still look sophisticated and like you have spend a ton of time in front of the mirror. So let's have a look.

Hairstyle No. 1 - Braided flower bun

It goes without saying that Lilith Moon is the most talented hairstyle guru on Youtube. She creates amazing hairstyles and one of them is this beautiful braided flower bun tutorial. It looks actually harder than it is which is great because you can look absolutely breathtaking and amaze other people with your skills without actually having any. ;) This look is great for the formal part of Prom and would look great with a dress that has some detail going around your chest. A nice updo also always look a bit more formal and will enhance your beautiful collarbones.

Hairstyle No. 2: Romantic Half updo

Another beautiful style by Lilith Moon which is now a half up half down hairstyle for all of you who want to get the front hair out of their face, but still want to show their beautiful hair. This look is simple, but looks romantic and cute and the glittery hair grips give the look the extra touch. I would say that this look suits to a romantic girly dress and if you are more on the cuter side :)

Hairstyle No. 3: Sexy Side Swept

Another amazing hairstyle guru is Imogen from Foxylockextensions. She sells her own extensions but also shows incredible hair tutorials on Youtube and one of these is this simple but sexy side swept inspired by Kim Kardashian. The side swept is a quite basic hairstyle for formal events, however these curls are not that tight and accurate, they are softer and looser and transports this sultry and sexy look. I would recommend this version to everyone who wears a "sexier" dress and isn't afraid of playing with ones femininity. 

So these were my Top 3 simple, but sexy and romantic Hairstyles. I am going to choose one of these hairstyle, however, my favourite is currently hairstyle No. 3. There are plenty of other beautiful hairstyle tutorials on Youtube, so I highly recommend browsing a bit over there. I hope you liked my choice and let me know which hairstyle you are going to wear?

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  1. Beautiful hairstyles! :)

    Kelly xo


    1. Thank u! I tried to pick some easy, but really beautiful hairstyles :)

      xx Marie


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