I say goodbye to blogger...

Yes you have read the headline correctly.
I say goodbye to blogger for one week ;)

I am going to go on holiday (vacation) for one week, therefore, they won't be any new posts during that time. I am so excited going to my destination because I love to travel to new countries! Also, I am really looking forward to writing you another blog post with my new inspirations and my new energy after my journey!

I hope you are also having wonderful holidays or that you are just enjoying this beautiful weekend!

See you then ;)

Organize Your Life/How To Stay Motivated

Some people asked me how one can stay motivated in school, in work or in any other occasion. I know that it can be really difficult to stick to one thing over a long period, e.g. being motivated in school all the time. There are probably a lot of factors that come together when it comes to stay motivated, but in my opinion the base consists of organizing your life.

An organization of your life gives you kind of a frame in your life and has the function of a guide through your whole day. Even though you have a lot of stress during the day, you will have a "direction" through your day and it will be easier for you to get everything down because you really know when you have your spare time.

Of course not everyone has the same routine very day, so for example I'm still going to school and therefore, I have another schedule every single day. Hence, I recommend you to do a schedule for at least one day, perhaps choice the one where you come at home not too late and not too early. When you come earlier/later at home, you have any appointment or you have to learn for an exams more intensively, then you can just do a few arrangements. And when it helps you then you can do a schedule for every single day.

My schedule for one day:
6.00h: Breakfast
7.00h: On my way to school
8.00-15.30h: School
15.45-16.15: Sport
16.30-18.30: Homework/ learn for exams
18.30-19.30: Do your hobbies, in my case: watching Youtube videos/writing my blog
19.30h: Dinner
20.00h: News
20.15h-20.45: Take a shower
21.00h-22.30h: Reading or other hobbies

Obviously, this isn't my schedule for the weekend and the things that I am doing in my spare time, e.g. reading our watching Youtube videos, change a lot. So please keep that in mind and also, try to stay to realistic expectations. Thus, don't thing that you can clean your house, do your homework and watching TV in the same time!

I hope that will help you to stay motivated!


Blistex Lip Tone - Review & Swatches

Recently, I discovered the Blistex Lip Tone which seemed to be quite interesting for me because it isn't a normal lip balm. They say that this lip balm:

◆ enhances your natural lip pigmentation with special natural pigments
◆ gives an individual colour & glow
◆ gives a smooth lip feeling
◆ is with candelilla wax and vitamin A
◆ is with SPF

I have to admit that I am really impressed of this product. I used a lot of different tinted lib balms, but none of them looked as natural as this one. Don't be afraid of the red colour, it won't come off that intense on your lips. In the picture above you can the dark spots which, I think, are the pigments that builds up this natural look.
Also, I think the lip balm has a slight cooling feeling on the lips which I really like especially in the summer. And additionally I love the smooth feeling on my lips.

Thus, I can recommend this product if you are looking for a sheer lip balm that gives you a bit of colour. I am really looking forward wearing this lip blame in the summer when I neither want to wear a bold lipstick nor want to look like the death in person.

Have you used the Blistex Lip Tone? What do you think about this lip balm?


The Fastest Porridge In The World

Porridge is a great choice for breakfast, because this will give you the required energy to jump in the day with a quick and fresh start. However, cooking the oats in the pan can take ages when you're really in a hurry in the morning. Also, as I don't live in the UK and porridge is not that common in my homeland, we don't have these fast and ready-to-go porridge things in our supermarkets (the most people don't even know what porridge is).

Hence, I created my own little fast, but cold porridge by experimenting in the kitchen.

Ingredients for a smaller to medium portion: 
✧ 4 tbsp of Oats
✧ 6 tbsp of Yoghurt
✧ 2 tbsp of Honey
(✧ possibly Milk)

The preparation is super easy because you just mix all this ingredients together. If you want to have a larger portion then use more amount of products, but pay attention at the ratio. Also, this version is quite sticky, so if you like your porridge more creamy, then add a little bit of milk to your porridge.

And then you're done! I personally really like the honey in my porridge because it sweetens it and gives a nice flavour to it in the same time. You can also add some cinnamon or cacao for the special touch!

Have you ever tried porridge?


Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Swatches

I bought this bronzer last summer during my trip to Paris because I can not buy Bourjois here in Germany. Immediately after using it for the first time I absolutely felt in love with it!

Bourjois which is a brand from Chanel says that:
 Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder , with flecks of gold and infused with a sweet chocolate fragrance, you will smell as gorgeous as you look! 

The price is in the UK ₤6,99 and in France about 12-13€. I'm not sure where you can purchase Bourjois anywhere else.

Even though this bronzer look like chocolate, it doesn't smell like it. 
For me, it is more a vanilla scent.


Once you have blended the bronzer into your skin, the colour is not orange or red therefore, it creates a natural depth in your face. I have quiet pale skin and nevertheless, this bronzer appears extremely natural!

Please let me know what your favourite bronzer is.


Tea With Or Without Milk

Since I'm little I always drink black tea with milk and I never though about drinking black tea without milk! For me it is way to bitter and I don't want to put to much sugar in my tea.

My question is: Why does the minority of people drinks tea with milk when the majority drinks milk with coffee?

I have to admit that coffee is way more bitter than tea, but tea is, at least for me, still bitter and seriously tea with milk taste so good! And every time when I go to city I asked myself why Starbucks doesn't offer milk tea, or tea latte. I know that they have chai latte and I also know that a lot of people adore that drink so why doesn't Starbucks offer a black tea latte.

Also, I know from a lot of people that they love to drink chai tea with milk which I think is because of the description which comes with the tea and which says that you have to put milk in it.
However, I am talking about normal black tea, e.g. English Breakfast Tea or Lady Grey.

I agree with people who say that they don't want to have milk in fruit teas and perhaps rooibos teas, but seriously, even green tea and rooibos tea with milk taste absolutely amazing!

Do you drink tea with milk or do you prefer it just with sugar or even with a bit of citron?


[Deutsch] L'Oréal Perfect Match Foundation Review

L'Oréal Perfect Match Foundation
L'Oréal kam Ende letzten Jahres mit dieser neuen Foundation heraus. Zunächst betrachten wir, was das Unternehmen über sein Produkt selbst sagt: 
"Das innovative Make-up, das perfekt zur Farbe und Textur der Haut passt.
Perfect Match ist das erste Make-up von L'Oréal Paris, das den folgenden Bedürfnissen gerecht wird: "hautähnliche" Farben, die nahtlos ohne Ränder aufzutragen sind und perfekt decken, ohne zu beschweren."
Das faszinierende an der Foundation ist, dass sie in 10 verschiedenen Nuancen erhältlich ist, welche noch einmal in warmen, neutralen und kalten Hautunterton unterteilt sind.

N2 Vanilla 
Mein erster Eindruck war sehr überraschend: Die Verpackung sieht nicht nur sehr edel aus, sondern durch  den Pumpspender ist die Dosierung sehr einfach und man erhält auch wirklich nur so viel Produkt wie man sich erwünscht.
Die Konsistenz ist sehr flüssig, dennoch lässt sich die Foundation mühelos auf dem Gesicht auftragen.


vorher: Aknenarben                                                                           vorher: normale Unreinheiten

nachher: Aknenarben                                                                           nachher: normale Unreinheiten

◆ sehr leichte Formulierung, nicht beschwerend
◆ gut für unreine Haut/ölige Haut (verstopft nicht die Poren)
◆ Design/ Verpackung
◆ angenehmer Geruch
◆ schnelles Einziehen
◆ Streifenfrei, gutes Verteilen
◆ sehr gute Dosierung

◆ zieht sich in Falten, betont diese (bin erst 20, dennoch sieht man kleinste Fältchen, z.B. an der Stirn)
◆ sehr geringe Deckkraft
◆ trotz neutraler Farbe leichter Gelbstich
◆ evtl. nicht geeignet für trockene Haut 
◆ dunkelt nach

▶ Dauer der Deckkraft (bei öliger Haut): ca. 6-8 Stunden

Insgesamt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der Foundation. Ich tendiere eher zu einer öligen Haut, daher ist eine leichte Deckkraft ein muss, da sonst meine Poren verstopft werden und durch die Foundation Unreinheiten entstehen. Obwohl ich eine stärkere Deckkraft bräuchte, um meine Unreinheiten ganz zu kaschieren, will ich keine neuen durch die Foundation produzieren. Da mir die Foundation einen ebenmäßigen Teint und etwas mehr Leben ins Gesicht haucht, würde ich dieses Produkt definitiv wieder kaufen. Um selbst die verbleibende Akne zu kaschieren, würde ich zusätzlich ein Concealer oder ein Blemish Balm benutzen. 


Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring is coming, or at least I hope so, and I wanted to introduce spring with a pastel, eye brightening and refreshing natural eye makeup. 

Products that I have used

Apply the light shimmery pinky mono eyeshadow all over the lid. Also, run that colour a little bit under your eye.

Take a light grey colour and apply it on the outer third on your eye and start blending.

Apply a white eyeshadow in your inner corner to highlight the eye.

Draw with a grey eye pencil a line along your upper line. It doesn't has to be neat.

Smudge the liner in the direction you want to have it. I extent the line a bit at the end of the lash line.

And then your eyes are done!

To slightly contour the face I take a sheer peach blush and apply it on the temples and at the end of my cheekbones. To give the look the extra touch I also add a pink blush on the cheekbones. Don't forget to blend so that you can't see any edges.

Because I want to keep this look as natural as possible, I just apply a tinted lip balm on my lips. 
I used The Body Shop's Born Lippy in Watermelon.

Which makeup tutorial would you like to see next?


Give Me 12 Minutes And You'll Have A Italian Pizza!

This pizza is a healthy and incredible fast alternative to a regular pizza when you're in a rush because it only takes with chopping the veggies about 10-13 minutes!
About half a year ago I saw a fantastic video of Nikki Phillippi on youtube. Now, I did my own inspiration of this recipe.

◆ Pita
◆ Various vegetables
◆ If required: ham, olive, salami, corn,...
◆ Grating Cheese
◆ Tomato sauce

My Preparation:
◆ Preheat your oven to 200°C/ 392 F
◆ Chop any vegetable that you like, I like courgette/zucchini, bell pepper, fresh garlic and sometimes fresh onion
◆ Put a layer of tomato sauce on top of your pita, then add all the vegetables and lastly the grating cheese
◆ Put the pita on a baking sheet with some baking paper and then in the oven
◆ Leave it in the oven for about 8-10 minutes, make sure that your cheese won't burn :)
◆ Finish the pizza with some pepper and italian herbs

When you eat it, I would suggest to take a sharp knife because the pita is quiet hard! If you want to eat it with the fingers then pay attention: the pita is extremely hot!! Because of the fact that we have layered so much vegetables the heat could accumulate.

I have to admit that personally this pizza is as tasty as a regular pizza if not better. This "pizza" is crispy, the vegetables are a bit more crunchy and when we think we eat something healthy we automatically feel much better ;)

Please try this recipe and let me know what you think about it!


OOTD: Colourful Spring Outfit (For The Colder Days)

Sweater/H&M - Top/Zara - Trousers/Mavi - Belt/Esprit - Scarf/Camden Market London

Even though it is still a little bit cold outside (at least my area where I live) it is time to pick some colour in our outfits. I am definitely ready for the spring, therefore I think the bright coral top from Zara is the perfect extra eye catcher. Unfortunately, I think you can't get the sweater from H&M anymore because this was a limited designed sweater by Sonja Rykiel. 
Also, I really like the corduroy black trousers because it is something else than a normal jeans and still gives a winter feeling even though I added a few bright colours.
The scarf is the perfect match to the top underneath the shirt. It has a really light scarf which reminds me of sunny weather so much.
For shoes I would wear black flat boots as this a nice chilly outfit, but still fashionable.

I hope you have a fabulous day! How do you bring some colour in your colder spring outfits?
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