Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Swatches

I bought this bronzer last summer during my trip to Paris because I can not buy Bourjois here in Germany. Immediately after using it for the first time I absolutely felt in love with it!

Bourjois which is a brand from Chanel says that:
 Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder , with flecks of gold and infused with a sweet chocolate fragrance, you will smell as gorgeous as you look! 

The price is in the UK ₤6,99 and in France about 12-13€. I'm not sure where you can purchase Bourjois anywhere else.

Even though this bronzer look like chocolate, it doesn't smell like it. 
For me, it is more a vanilla scent.


Once you have blended the bronzer into your skin, the colour is not orange or red therefore, it creates a natural depth in your face. I have quiet pale skin and nevertheless, this bronzer appears extremely natural!

Please let me know what your favourite bronzer is.

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