Blistex Lip Tone - Review & Swatches

Recently, I discovered the Blistex Lip Tone which seemed to be quite interesting for me because it isn't a normal lip balm. They say that this lip balm:

◆ enhances your natural lip pigmentation with special natural pigments
◆ gives an individual colour & glow
◆ gives a smooth lip feeling
◆ is with candelilla wax and vitamin A
◆ is with SPF

I have to admit that I am really impressed of this product. I used a lot of different tinted lib balms, but none of them looked as natural as this one. Don't be afraid of the red colour, it won't come off that intense on your lips. In the picture above you can the dark spots which, I think, are the pigments that builds up this natural look.
Also, I think the lip balm has a slight cooling feeling on the lips which I really like especially in the summer. And additionally I love the smooth feeling on my lips.

Thus, I can recommend this product if you are looking for a sheer lip balm that gives you a bit of colour. I am really looking forward wearing this lip blame in the summer when I neither want to wear a bold lipstick nor want to look like the death in person.

Have you used the Blistex Lip Tone? What do you think about this lip balm?

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