The Fastest Porridge In The World

Porridge is a great choice for breakfast, because this will give you the required energy to jump in the day with a quick and fresh start. However, cooking the oats in the pan can take ages when you're really in a hurry in the morning. Also, as I don't live in the UK and porridge is not that common in my homeland, we don't have these fast and ready-to-go porridge things in our supermarkets (the most people don't even know what porridge is).

Hence, I created my own little fast, but cold porridge by experimenting in the kitchen.

Ingredients for a smaller to medium portion: 
✧ 4 tbsp of Oats
✧ 6 tbsp of Yoghurt
✧ 2 tbsp of Honey
(✧ possibly Milk)

The preparation is super easy because you just mix all this ingredients together. If you want to have a larger portion then use more amount of products, but pay attention at the ratio. Also, this version is quite sticky, so if you like your porridge more creamy, then add a little bit of milk to your porridge.

And then you're done! I personally really like the honey in my porridge because it sweetens it and gives a nice flavour to it in the same time. You can also add some cinnamon or cacao for the special touch!

Have you ever tried porridge?

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