Tea With Or Without Milk

Since I'm little I always drink black tea with milk and I never though about drinking black tea without milk! For me it is way to bitter and I don't want to put to much sugar in my tea.

My question is: Why does the minority of people drinks tea with milk when the majority drinks milk with coffee?

I have to admit that coffee is way more bitter than tea, but tea is, at least for me, still bitter and seriously tea with milk taste so good! And every time when I go to city I asked myself why Starbucks doesn't offer milk tea, or tea latte. I know that they have chai latte and I also know that a lot of people adore that drink so why doesn't Starbucks offer a black tea latte.

Also, I know from a lot of people that they love to drink chai tea with milk which I think is because of the description which comes with the tea and which says that you have to put milk in it.
However, I am talking about normal black tea, e.g. English Breakfast Tea or Lady Grey.

I agree with people who say that they don't want to have milk in fruit teas and perhaps rooibos teas, but seriously, even green tea and rooibos tea with milk taste absolutely amazing!

Do you drink tea with milk or do you prefer it just with sugar or even with a bit of citron?

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