Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring is coming, or at least I hope so, and I wanted to introduce spring with a pastel, eye brightening and refreshing natural eye makeup. 

Products that I have used

Apply the light shimmery pinky mono eyeshadow all over the lid. Also, run that colour a little bit under your eye.

Take a light grey colour and apply it on the outer third on your eye and start blending.

Apply a white eyeshadow in your inner corner to highlight the eye.

Draw with a grey eye pencil a line along your upper line. It doesn't has to be neat.

Smudge the liner in the direction you want to have it. I extent the line a bit at the end of the lash line.

And then your eyes are done!

To slightly contour the face I take a sheer peach blush and apply it on the temples and at the end of my cheekbones. To give the look the extra touch I also add a pink blush on the cheekbones. Don't forget to blend so that you can't see any edges.

Because I want to keep this look as natural as possible, I just apply a tinted lip balm on my lips. 
I used The Body Shop's Born Lippy in Watermelon.

Which makeup tutorial would you like to see next?

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