Organize Your Life/How To Stay Motivated

Some people asked me how one can stay motivated in school, in work or in any other occasion. I know that it can be really difficult to stick to one thing over a long period, e.g. being motivated in school all the time. There are probably a lot of factors that come together when it comes to stay motivated, but in my opinion the base consists of organizing your life.

An organization of your life gives you kind of a frame in your life and has the function of a guide through your whole day. Even though you have a lot of stress during the day, you will have a "direction" through your day and it will be easier for you to get everything down because you really know when you have your spare time.

Of course not everyone has the same routine very day, so for example I'm still going to school and therefore, I have another schedule every single day. Hence, I recommend you to do a schedule for at least one day, perhaps choice the one where you come at home not too late and not too early. When you come earlier/later at home, you have any appointment or you have to learn for an exams more intensively, then you can just do a few arrangements. And when it helps you then you can do a schedule for every single day.

My schedule for one day:
6.00h: Breakfast
7.00h: On my way to school
8.00-15.30h: School
15.45-16.15: Sport
16.30-18.30: Homework/ learn for exams
18.30-19.30: Do your hobbies, in my case: watching Youtube videos/writing my blog
19.30h: Dinner
20.00h: News
20.15h-20.45: Take a shower
21.00h-22.30h: Reading or other hobbies

Obviously, this isn't my schedule for the weekend and the things that I am doing in my spare time, e.g. reading our watching Youtube videos, change a lot. So please keep that in mind and also, try to stay to realistic expectations. Thus, don't thing that you can clean your house, do your homework and watching TV in the same time!

I hope that will help you to stay motivated!

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