January/February Favourites

I have seen this concept in another blog and I really adore it, because as much as I love these monthly favourites blogs, it scares me a little bit of choosing my top products every month. Therefore, I decided doing these Bi-Monthly Favourite Blogs!

The Body Shop Born Lippy Watermelon    
This month I didn't want to have a lot of colour on ym lip, nevertheless, I had getting dry lips. Basically, I love all of their Born Lippy, because their give you a slight colour on your lips but not a too heavy colour. Also, I have got the feeling that the libalm moisturizes the skin more than others do.

Essence Colour Multi Blush 20 Fashionista   
This blush has a lovely warm pink shade, but it is not that high pigmented. One of these colours contain a bit of glitter, so this works as a highlighter and a blush on the same time.

KIKO Eyeshadow No. 169   
I know that some of might have problems to get KIKO products, but I can not stress out how much I love this eyehadow. It is a matt white eyeshadow, highly pigmented and just absolutely adorable! I wore this nearly every single day as a highlighter in the inner corner. The funny thing is that the eyeshadow even looks good when you have a shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid.

Maybelline Eyeshadow    
This eyeshadow is so old and I never used it (I even don't know the name/number), but I rediscovered this eyeshadow after probably 7 years :D The really exciting thing is that I wore this eyeshadow as a contour/blush! Because I have quite pale skin in the winter the orange eyeshadow blended in the skin looks like a slight shadow of my face. 

P2 Eyeshadow   
This is a german brand, but basically this eyeshadow is just a very light shimmery pink colour. I wore a lot of light pink eyeshadow this month just because I thought it makes my eyecolour stand out a little bit more.

L'Oréal Perfect Match Foundation N2 Vanilla  
I still test this foundation, but I have to say that I used it a lot this month and until now I really love it. It doesn't has the best coverage, but it doesn't break me out which is kind of the mod important fact for me.

Essence Eyeshadow Quattro  05 To Die For    
This is the perfect neutral eyeshadow palette for an everyday look. We all know that Essence doesn't has the best pigmentation, however, these colour, probably because of their sheerness, look sooo beautiful. Their definitely enhance ever eyecolour!

Essence Grey Eyeliner Pencil    
Combined with the pink eyeshadow or with the essence quad I used a grey eyeliner pencil and smudged it in the shape I wanted to have in order to give my eye a little bit of definition without being to harsh. 

In conclusion, it appears that I used a lot of Essence products this months without noticing it specifically. I will definitely post a review of some of these products as I find them absolutely outstanding!

What do you think about this new concept and please let me know: what is your favourite product of this month?




Everyone knows that nail polishes contain irritating chemicals that also effect your airways.
However, if you have to apply your nail polish really quickly and it is in the middle of the night, sometimes it is not possible to open your window wide open. Thus, you may have to apply your nail polish with an open window while the shutter is closed.

That's what I did. My nail polish routine took me 10 minutes. 10 minutes can change your life! 10 minutes that will change your body! 
I didn't realised it right away, but after finishing my nail polish and went out of the room and I realised how bad the air in this room was. A second after this thought a terrible pain in my lung started. This pain is indescribable. It isn't like a normal sore throat or like an irritation of the throat it like something really heavy is lying on your chest, so that you can barely breath and it hurts meanwhile. 

However, I just ignored it because everyone knows this irritation after an inhalation of chemicals, but it didn't stopped! I never had such a pain with problems to breath and it started to really scare me. At dinner even eating and drinking caused an immense pain in my throat and every little smell was like an stitch in my throat! To shorten the story the huge pain last about 12 hours after the inhalation. 48 hours after it the heavy feeling on my chest and throat started to fait. 

Therefore, I want to stress that it is INCREDIBLY important to apply nail polish in a really airy room where the air is able to circulate! Do NOT apply a nail polish in a closed room even if you just have one half opened window!

As I said before I probably thing that nobody is as silly as I was and paints its nails in a (nearly) closed room, however, I want to warn other people against doing this. I don't really know what happened with m lung during this inhalation and I also don't know how my body managed it to heal everything, but I am really glad that these pains are gone!

Do you had any beauty accident?


5 Ways To Get Into Spring Mood

Spring is around the corner, but sometimes it can be hard to really get into spring mood! Here are my Top 5 tips how I managed to enable my spring spirit!

1. Go out and enjoy the nature which is going to wake up and start blooming. It doesn't matter whether you go out for a hike, for a walk, if you do sports outside or if you just sit down in a park and read something. The smell of the awaking nature and the sunlight will brighten up your mood for sure.

2. Cut out the dark eyeshadow colours and your heavy make up. This year we are going to wear a lovely clean look where just pastel colours are going to enhance your natural beauty. The bright colours will definitely bring you into spring mood!

3. Like all the animals are on their way to find the right partner we should try our best in flirting. You don't have to search for Mr./Mrs. Right, just have a little bit of fun in your life and enjoy the minute of your life.

4. Flowers bloom on our landscape so why not adding flowers to our style. I love to add small flowers as an accessorize in my hair, it can also be a small flower clip, e.g. made out of corduroy. Also, it is time to get our flower dresses out of our wardrobe. Even if it is a little bit too cold outside, you can combine the dresses with a nice cardigan or light boobs.

5. Put the christmas and snowy decoration into the cellar and bring the spring atmosphere to your room by adding some nice fake flowers to your room, e.g. these beautiful cherry blossoms. 
So these are my ways how I come into spring mood. Please let me know what you do!


Sleek Storm Palette - Swatches

I've already written a blog post about this eyeshadow palette, but because I have received a new camera I wanted to reupload the post with pictures which have got a better quality.

Sleek Storm I Divine Eyeshadow Palette

The palette costs £6.49 (€8.50), the eyeshadows are highly-pigmented even if they are a bit crumbly.

The combination of colour remind me a lot of the Naked palette by Urban Decay!



Swatches in detail

Swatches in detail

Swatches in detail

I love the Sleek eyeshadow palettes because the price-perfomance ratio is outstanding!
Nevertheless, the Storm palette is my favorite palette from Sleek, because you can create natural looks as well as more intense ones.

Do you have a Sleek eyeshade palette?


Low Carb Diet Challenge

Because of my current not so healthy eating habits, I just made a decision and want to start a low carb diet challenge for at least 3 weeks.

So what is bad about carbs?
In general, carbs are not that bad for you if you eat them moderately, but some people start with cereals in the morning, eat a toast for lunch and then curry with rice for the dinner. Carbs are really good to give you a quick boost of energy, because you're body burns carbs before burning fat or proteins. However, we are overwhelmed by carb products which we, in fact, do not really need for our body in contrast to proteins and fats. These essential substance get kind of lost in our lifestyle. Also, when you are eating carbs, which in fact consist of sugar, your blood has to balance a huge amount of sugar everyday which can cause diabetes! Another fact is that carbs don't saturate you for a long time, therefore, you get hungry much earlier and you will eat more. 
Thus, concentrating on eating proteins instead of carbs is much healthier, also because you will build up muscles with proteins. So don't waste this ability to build muscles by eating carbs!

What do I expect from this diet?
○ flatter tummy 
○ no acne break outs / better skin in general
○ a little bit of weight loss
○ feel more comfortable in my body
○ getting a better / "lighter" feeling for my body

The most important reason why I am starting this diet is because of my acne. After eating quite a lot of carbs, I had a massive break out around my mouth and nose. With this diet I hope to get my acne under control again as I had a really nice skin while eating quite healthy a few weeks ago.

Basically, I try to eat as less carbs as possible. Of course you can eat a few carbs, but just really moderately. Therefore, I will, for example, eat instead of bread or cereals in the morning a yoghurt with fruits. For lunch I try to stick to salad or a wrap with lots of vegetables and perhaps a few pieces of chicken, a soup would be great too. For dinner you can eat basically everything just by cutting out the carb side orders, so a chicken with steamed vegetables is really tasty!

If you want, then you can start this challenge with me!

Does anybody of you has an experience with a low carb diet? What were your effects of it?


5 Surprising Tips How To Find The Right Foundation

A lot of people believe that they can not wear foundation when they have oily skin reps. acne prone skin. I have acne prone skin and even I regret foundation ever since I can think of and I always believed that foundations cause acne.

Thus, a lot of people ask themselves: Do foundation cause acne? Do foundation clog pores?
In fact, foundations can cause acne when you don't stick to a few really simple rules:

1. Oil free foundation
When you have oily skin then it doesn't make any sense to give your skin more oily which it already has. The easiest way to find out whether your foundation contains oil is to read the ingredients. If their is a substance with the ending -oil than please don't use this product. Our skin consist of many pores which are naturally "breathing". When you now put a lot oil on top of the pore, it won't be able to breathe anymore and therefore, your pores will clog!

2. Don't buy noncomedogenic foundations
It sounds controversial, but noncomedogenic foundations may cause your break outs! Companies sometimes buy the certificates to pretend that their product won't cause acne even though it does. Thus, I would recommend to avoid the products where they write with big letter NONCOMEDOGENIC!

3. Mineral makeup
In general, i would say that mineral makeup is not that bad for skin. However, a few companies produce mineral makeups which contain 10% minerals and 90% chemicals! These chemicals are just the opposite of vitalising and refreshing for your skin.

4. Don't apply layers of makeup
Even an oil free and not noncomedogenic foundation can cause acne when you apply layers and layers of foundation on your skin. Your skin is not able to breath any more when you have got centimeters of product onto the surface. Also, stay away from thick foundations who are masquerading and appear cakey because then your skin also won't be able to breathe.

5. Remove your makeup completely
It can not be stressed enough how important it is to remove your makeup COMPLETELY. During the night our skin heals, it fills our pores with water and repairs our whole pores. Our skin can not do these wonderful things when you still have your make up on! Instead of being repaired your pores will be clogged in the morning. To make sure that your makeup has been removed completely I would recommend to wash your face twice. One to remove your makeup and twice to cleanse your face!

When you stick to these sticks, your next foundation definitely won't clog your pores and cause acne!!
What do you have for experiences with make up and oily/acne prone skin?


The Most Amazing Romance In The World!!!

I can not express how much I love this book:

One Day written by David Nicholls 

The plot doesn't sound that special: The book deals with Emma and Dexter who got to know each other during the university. The book always shows us one day during the year where the two protagonists meet each other.

Firstly, I thought this is a typical love story where the protagonists will fall in love at the end of the book anyway. However, because of the fact that the readers just got to know one day in one year, one can really recognize the progress of the different characters.
The characters are also not stereotypes, they have multiple aspects who are incredibly interesting and one really start to feel with the characters!

Being fascinated about the characters after finishing the book, I watched the film and I also love it.
In the book Emma was my appealing figure whereas now in the film I really learned to love Dexter!

I never reread books, but I really think about reading this book again. Therefore, I would totally recommend this book to everyone who loves love stories with a deeper sense or who loves social novels!

Have you read the book?


Sleek Blush Rose Gold Swatches

The famous Sleek Blush in shade Rose Gold is presented as a dupe for the NARS Orgasm.
Sleek is a british makeup brand, however, there are different online shops worldwide who deliver Sleek products. 

"A highly pigmented blusher to brighten and define cheekbones. The silky-fine formulation provides long lasting blusher which helps to create a subtle but radiant cheek area.

Apply using a small powder/blusher brush, by swirling the brush over the surface of the blusher. Tap off excess powder and apply onto the apples of the cheeks to emphasise your cheeks and your smile, or just below the cheek bone to create a sculpted look." 

This blush is high-pigmented, therefore, I would suggest just to tap the brush over the blush.
The blush is a beautiful peach shade with golden shimmer which suits perfectly to a beautiful bronzed look during the summer time.
Because of its golden shimmer, this blush combines blush and highlight in one.


I don't own the NARS Orgasm Blush, but I love this blush so much that I don't think that a purchase of the NARS blush would make me much happier.

What do you think of Sleek products?


Huge Makeup/Beauty Haul! (L'oréal, Astor, John Frieda and more)

Yesterday I went kind of crazy in the drugstore, nevertheless, I thought this is the best time to share my treasures with you!

Astor Mattitude HD Foundation which promises Anti Shine in High Definiton for 16 hours.
I bought this foundation because it is oil free and it has SPF 22 which is perfectly for the summer time!

Astor Anti Shine Mattitude Powder is from the same line like the foundation. I really needed a new powder, so why not buying the one which suits to the foundation perfectly.

L'ORÉAL Super Liner is an amazing product. I will definitely do a review of this, but the application is super easy and super neat!

John Frieda's Frizz-Ease is a legend and now I bought this legendary product. I hope that this really will give me an improvement in my frizzy hair ;)

The Manhattan waterproof eyeliners are absolutely amazing because they really stay on the whole day without overpowering the liner! Because of this reason I bought the black eyeliner as I just own a dark brown one.
The Catrice Eye Brow Stylist Pen comes with a colour that suits to my eyebrows perfectly. I don't have a red undertone, I just have ashy blonde eyebrows and for this, this eyebrow pen is so good.
And lastly I bought a new eyeshadow base from Manhattan because the Essence one just lasts about 5 hours and I for me an eyeshadow base has to last +8 hours. Hopefully, this will do its job!

This was my haul. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you bought the last time in drugstore!


Nail Trend 2012: Midnight Blue

If a red nail polish is to classy and boring for you and a black nail polish looks to gothic, then the new nail trend of this year is perfect for you!

Midnight Blue Nail Polish is THE trend of the upcoming season! It is elegant and unique in the same time! I'm definitely ring to wear this colour!

Midnight Blue Nail Polish 


Best Youtube Gurus (Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and more)

I think, Youtube is a fantastic thing to become inspired or to learn some certain things by watching the famous "tutorials". Currently, I was reading a newspaper article about "hauls" and all the sponsored videos in which companies want to catch us. I totally agree with the fact that these sponsored videos are really annoying, but in fact, it just shows our economic system... Also, if you became aware of that, you can watch these videos more carefully (it isn't hard to notice a sponsored video) AND that doesn't mean that all videos are sponsored! There are a few "gurus" who are not interested in sponsored videos resp. a few of them a professional, so they don't need that extra money.

Now, here are my categories in which I subdivide the different topic where you can inform yourself:


Anna Saccone (TheStyleDiet): She's an Irish woman who is a professional stylist and has even written a book. She focuses on all fashion issues, but especially on different body shapes and how to flatter them.   Her youtube channel and her website!

Anneorshine: She's absolutely talented and has an amazing fashion taste. She mixes up classic pieces with some fashionable, on-trend ones, which is absolutely my style!

Lilithedarkmoon: A lot of people try to copy her, but she is the original one and sooo down to earth. She's a hair model and always has got new, creative hairstyles!!
Model- / Skin- Advice:

Ruth Crilly (AModelRecommends): She's an international model who is doing everything about cosmetics and makeup. She's more in the high-end area, but definitely an eye catcher!
Make-up (in general):

Emily Noel (emilynoel83): She's an american broadcaster in the morning news and has to wake up at 3am. Nevertheless, she's recording videos which are soo informative and totally honest!

MasqueradeMakeup: She does a lot of makeup tutorials and she always looks like the celebrities! Absolutely inspiring and her accents are hilarious!
Makeup artist:

NikkieTutorials: She's just 17 years old and so talented! She's doing the most dramatic and creative tutorials with such an dutch energy!
Her channel: here

Lisa Eldrigde (lisaeldridgedotcom): She's a legend in the youtube world! Her 12 minutes videos are 12 minutes full of new information which you have never heard! She knows so much and has got so much experience!!!

Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist): He's a male makeup artist and so sympathetic & sexy! He's doing short videos, but with the most honest advice in the "youtube scene" and really nice "Quick Tips".

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