10 Reasons Why You Don't Lose Weight

A lot of people struggle with their weight and don't know why they stay at their current weight or even gain weight. Everybody knows that Fast Food or chips/French fries isn't the most healthiest thing, but even though the people who really wants to lose weight and who are paying attention at these rules, can not reduce their weight! Then, you have to detect these hidden "thickeners". So, here we go!

1. Eat because of stress
There are these people who can't eat anything while they are having stress, but normally we intend to gain weight. That's normal, because the stress hormone cortisol provoke appetite.
How to prevent this: Any exercise or movement is the best method to reduce the stress hormone and it's also really good for your brain!

2. Snacking
Lots of people say that they don't eat a lot of food and still gaining weight. Well, that could be correct for the three meals, but during these meals they are always snacking. When we are snacking, we don't really realize how much we are eating, especially eating in from to the TV is really bad!
How to prevent this: Firstly, try to eat just to the three meals and when you can not stop snacking, then just chop some vegetables or fruits.

3. Crash Diets
It sounds strange, but Crash Diets can increase your weight. I will write a special post about Crash diets, so I don't want to go to much into details. Generally, when you decrease your calories to an absolute minimum, then your body will get used to that and will work in a "standby mode". When you then start eating normal (which you have to do sooner or later), your body will store a lot of fat, because he's expecting another hunger period.
How to prevent this: Lose weight slowly, but secure! Just try a healthy, low-fat and low-sugar nutrition plan.

4. Eating light products or products with sweeteners 
Sweeteners have got nearly 0 calories and also light products having less calories and less fat. But sweeteners provoke our appetite which is why I am going to write another post about this. Also, a lot of people are eating the double amount of the products which in the end causes that you might eat more calories than usual.
How to prevent this: Be aware of what you are eating and how much you are eating! Then you can also cut out the light products (the original products taste even better ;))

5. "Drinks don't count!"
You wants to lose weight should drink a lot, but don't forget that 1 liter of apple juice or coke (0,7l) has about 400 calories!
How to prevent this: Drink drinks with low calories like water and unsweetened tea.

6. "I want to lose 6 pounds in 5 days!"
If you have so high expectations, you always be disappointed of the results. These high expectations automatically come with Crash Diets (see No.3), so firstly you are just losing a lot of water which is the reason why you can lose so much weight. But in the end your fat will still be on your body!
How to prevent this: Decrease your expectations and stay realistic! It will give you better results!

7. To little sleep
In comparison to people who are not sleeping a lot, people who sleep a long time are normally slimmer. Scientist are not sure what is the reason for that, but basically during our sleep our metabolism slows down. Also, we need for certain processes a lot of energy and lastly, we don't have any hunger :)
How to prevent this: Try to sleep longer. If you have a sleep disorder than please go to a doctor. Do not treat it lightly!

8. Missing physical strength
If you have job in front of the computer then you will probably have a missing of physical strength. Also, lots of people overrate physical strength, so they are just walking a little bit and think that they have burned a lot of calories.
How to prevent this: Find an activity that you really like and start doing this activity at least 3 times a week. Or/ Also, try to walk about 30 minutes a day. Fresh air is really good for your brain and your mind and your are burning calories in the same time!

9. Eating in community
When we are eating together, we often eat more than we usually would. Instead of a spartan supper, we are celebrating a huge dinner. Or as a saying says: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."
How to prevent this: Try to be creative with the meals and cook a light, healthy and fresh "huge" dinner. Or you can also have a romantic walk together which can be as romantic as a dinner!

10. Alcohol doesn't count
We often forget that alcohol contains a lot of calories! Additionally, alcohol provokes our appetite, so we often don't realize how much we are consuming. Lastly, alcohols block our fat fatburning!
How to prevent this: Decrease your alcohol consumption to a minimum during your diet. If you don't want to eliminate alcohol then try to drink alcohol just 2 days a week. And then just one glass of beer or wine.

So now, with the knowledge of these 10 hidden "thickeners", there should nothing stand in the way to start your successful diet!

All the best,


  1. I'm a terrible stress eater :( I either crave bad foods, or don't want to eat at all.

    1. Yeah, I have the same problem, but I intend to eat nearly nothing when I have stress. xx


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