Best Youtube Gurus (Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and more)

I think, Youtube is a fantastic thing to become inspired or to learn some certain things by watching the famous "tutorials". Currently, I was reading a newspaper article about "hauls" and all the sponsored videos in which companies want to catch us. I totally agree with the fact that these sponsored videos are really annoying, but in fact, it just shows our economic system... Also, if you became aware of that, you can watch these videos more carefully (it isn't hard to notice a sponsored video) AND that doesn't mean that all videos are sponsored! There are a few "gurus" who are not interested in sponsored videos resp. a few of them a professional, so they don't need that extra money.

Now, here are my categories in which I subdivide the different topic where you can inform yourself:


Anna Saccone (TheStyleDiet): She's an Irish woman who is a professional stylist and has even written a book. She focuses on all fashion issues, but especially on different body shapes and how to flatter them.   Her youtube channel and her website!

Anneorshine: She's absolutely talented and has an amazing fashion taste. She mixes up classic pieces with some fashionable, on-trend ones, which is absolutely my style!

Lilithedarkmoon: A lot of people try to copy her, but she is the original one and sooo down to earth. She's a hair model and always has got new, creative hairstyles!!
Model- / Skin- Advice:

Ruth Crilly (AModelRecommends): She's an international model who is doing everything about cosmetics and makeup. She's more in the high-end area, but definitely an eye catcher!
Make-up (in general):

Emily Noel (emilynoel83): She's an american broadcaster in the morning news and has to wake up at 3am. Nevertheless, she's recording videos which are soo informative and totally honest!

MasqueradeMakeup: She does a lot of makeup tutorials and she always looks like the celebrities! Absolutely inspiring and her accents are hilarious!
Makeup artist:

NikkieTutorials: She's just 17 years old and so talented! She's doing the most dramatic and creative tutorials with such an dutch energy!
Her channel: here

Lisa Eldrigde (lisaeldridgedotcom): She's a legend in the youtube world! Her 12 minutes videos are 12 minutes full of new information which you have never heard! She knows so much and has got so much experience!!!

Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist): He's a male makeup artist and so sympathetic & sexy! He's doing short videos, but with the most honest advice in the "youtube scene" and really nice "Quick Tips".

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