The Most Amazing Romance In The World!!!

I can not express how much I love this book:

One Day written by David Nicholls 

The plot doesn't sound that special: The book deals with Emma and Dexter who got to know each other during the university. The book always shows us one day during the year where the two protagonists meet each other.

Firstly, I thought this is a typical love story where the protagonists will fall in love at the end of the book anyway. However, because of the fact that the readers just got to know one day in one year, one can really recognize the progress of the different characters.
The characters are also not stereotypes, they have multiple aspects who are incredibly interesting and one really start to feel with the characters!

Being fascinated about the characters after finishing the book, I watched the film and I also love it.
In the book Emma was my appealing figure whereas now in the film I really learned to love Dexter!

I never reread books, but I really think about reading this book again. Therefore, I would totally recommend this book to everyone who loves love stories with a deeper sense or who loves social novels!

Have you read the book?

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