Everyone knows that nail polishes contain irritating chemicals that also effect your airways.
However, if you have to apply your nail polish really quickly and it is in the middle of the night, sometimes it is not possible to open your window wide open. Thus, you may have to apply your nail polish with an open window while the shutter is closed.

That's what I did. My nail polish routine took me 10 minutes. 10 minutes can change your life! 10 minutes that will change your body! 
I didn't realised it right away, but after finishing my nail polish and went out of the room and I realised how bad the air in this room was. A second after this thought a terrible pain in my lung started. This pain is indescribable. It isn't like a normal sore throat or like an irritation of the throat it like something really heavy is lying on your chest, so that you can barely breath and it hurts meanwhile. 

However, I just ignored it because everyone knows this irritation after an inhalation of chemicals, but it didn't stopped! I never had such a pain with problems to breath and it started to really scare me. At dinner even eating and drinking caused an immense pain in my throat and every little smell was like an stitch in my throat! To shorten the story the huge pain last about 12 hours after the inhalation. 48 hours after it the heavy feeling on my chest and throat started to fait. 

Therefore, I want to stress that it is INCREDIBLY important to apply nail polish in a really airy room where the air is able to circulate! Do NOT apply a nail polish in a closed room even if you just have one half opened window!

As I said before I probably thing that nobody is as silly as I was and paints its nails in a (nearly) closed room, however, I want to warn other people against doing this. I don't really know what happened with m lung during this inhalation and I also don't know how my body managed it to heal everything, but I am really glad that these pains are gone!

Do you had any beauty accident?

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