January/February Favourites

I have seen this concept in another blog and I really adore it, because as much as I love these monthly favourites blogs, it scares me a little bit of choosing my top products every month. Therefore, I decided doing these Bi-Monthly Favourite Blogs!

The Body Shop Born Lippy Watermelon    
This month I didn't want to have a lot of colour on ym lip, nevertheless, I had getting dry lips. Basically, I love all of their Born Lippy, because their give you a slight colour on your lips but not a too heavy colour. Also, I have got the feeling that the libalm moisturizes the skin more than others do.

Essence Colour Multi Blush 20 Fashionista   
This blush has a lovely warm pink shade, but it is not that high pigmented. One of these colours contain a bit of glitter, so this works as a highlighter and a blush on the same time.

KIKO Eyeshadow No. 169   
I know that some of might have problems to get KIKO products, but I can not stress out how much I love this eyehadow. It is a matt white eyeshadow, highly pigmented and just absolutely adorable! I wore this nearly every single day as a highlighter in the inner corner. The funny thing is that the eyeshadow even looks good when you have a shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid.

Maybelline Eyeshadow    
This eyeshadow is so old and I never used it (I even don't know the name/number), but I rediscovered this eyeshadow after probably 7 years :D The really exciting thing is that I wore this eyeshadow as a contour/blush! Because I have quite pale skin in the winter the orange eyeshadow blended in the skin looks like a slight shadow of my face. 

P2 Eyeshadow   
This is a german brand, but basically this eyeshadow is just a very light shimmery pink colour. I wore a lot of light pink eyeshadow this month just because I thought it makes my eyecolour stand out a little bit more.

L'Oréal Perfect Match Foundation N2 Vanilla  
I still test this foundation, but I have to say that I used it a lot this month and until now I really love it. It doesn't has the best coverage, but it doesn't break me out which is kind of the mod important fact for me.

Essence Eyeshadow Quattro  05 To Die For    
This is the perfect neutral eyeshadow palette for an everyday look. We all know that Essence doesn't has the best pigmentation, however, these colour, probably because of their sheerness, look sooo beautiful. Their definitely enhance ever eyecolour!

Essence Grey Eyeliner Pencil    
Combined with the pink eyeshadow or with the essence quad I used a grey eyeliner pencil and smudged it in the shape I wanted to have in order to give my eye a little bit of definition without being to harsh. 

In conclusion, it appears that I used a lot of Essence products this months without noticing it specifically. I will definitely post a review of some of these products as I find them absolutely outstanding!

What do you think about this new concept and please let me know: what is your favourite product of this month?


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