5 Surprising Tips How To Find The Right Foundation

A lot of people believe that they can not wear foundation when they have oily skin reps. acne prone skin. I have acne prone skin and even I regret foundation ever since I can think of and I always believed that foundations cause acne.

Thus, a lot of people ask themselves: Do foundation cause acne? Do foundation clog pores?
In fact, foundations can cause acne when you don't stick to a few really simple rules:

1. Oil free foundation
When you have oily skin then it doesn't make any sense to give your skin more oily which it already has. The easiest way to find out whether your foundation contains oil is to read the ingredients. If their is a substance with the ending -oil than please don't use this product. Our skin consist of many pores which are naturally "breathing". When you now put a lot oil on top of the pore, it won't be able to breathe anymore and therefore, your pores will clog!

2. Don't buy noncomedogenic foundations
It sounds controversial, but noncomedogenic foundations may cause your break outs! Companies sometimes buy the certificates to pretend that their product won't cause acne even though it does. Thus, I would recommend to avoid the products where they write with big letter NONCOMEDOGENIC!

3. Mineral makeup
In general, i would say that mineral makeup is not that bad for skin. However, a few companies produce mineral makeups which contain 10% minerals and 90% chemicals! These chemicals are just the opposite of vitalising and refreshing for your skin.

4. Don't apply layers of makeup
Even an oil free and not noncomedogenic foundation can cause acne when you apply layers and layers of foundation on your skin. Your skin is not able to breath any more when you have got centimeters of product onto the surface. Also, stay away from thick foundations who are masquerading and appear cakey because then your skin also won't be able to breathe.

5. Remove your makeup completely
It can not be stressed enough how important it is to remove your makeup COMPLETELY. During the night our skin heals, it fills our pores with water and repairs our whole pores. Our skin can not do these wonderful things when you still have your make up on! Instead of being repaired your pores will be clogged in the morning. To make sure that your makeup has been removed completely I would recommend to wash your face twice. One to remove your makeup and twice to cleanse your face!

When you stick to these sticks, your next foundation definitely won't clog your pores and cause acne!!
What do you have for experiences with make up and oily/acne prone skin?

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