Low Carb Diet Challenge

Because of my current not so healthy eating habits, I just made a decision and want to start a low carb diet challenge for at least 3 weeks.

So what is bad about carbs?
In general, carbs are not that bad for you if you eat them moderately, but some people start with cereals in the morning, eat a toast for lunch and then curry with rice for the dinner. Carbs are really good to give you a quick boost of energy, because you're body burns carbs before burning fat or proteins. However, we are overwhelmed by carb products which we, in fact, do not really need for our body in contrast to proteins and fats. These essential substance get kind of lost in our lifestyle. Also, when you are eating carbs, which in fact consist of sugar, your blood has to balance a huge amount of sugar everyday which can cause diabetes! Another fact is that carbs don't saturate you for a long time, therefore, you get hungry much earlier and you will eat more. 
Thus, concentrating on eating proteins instead of carbs is much healthier, also because you will build up muscles with proteins. So don't waste this ability to build muscles by eating carbs!

What do I expect from this diet?
○ flatter tummy 
○ no acne break outs / better skin in general
○ a little bit of weight loss
○ feel more comfortable in my body
○ getting a better / "lighter" feeling for my body

The most important reason why I am starting this diet is because of my acne. After eating quite a lot of carbs, I had a massive break out around my mouth and nose. With this diet I hope to get my acne under control again as I had a really nice skin while eating quite healthy a few weeks ago.

Basically, I try to eat as less carbs as possible. Of course you can eat a few carbs, but just really moderately. Therefore, I will, for example, eat instead of bread or cereals in the morning a yoghurt with fruits. For lunch I try to stick to salad or a wrap with lots of vegetables and perhaps a few pieces of chicken, a soup would be great too. For dinner you can eat basically everything just by cutting out the carb side orders, so a chicken with steamed vegetables is really tasty!

If you want, then you can start this challenge with me!

Does anybody of you has an experience with a low carb diet? What were your effects of it?

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