5 Ways To Get Into Spring Mood

Spring is around the corner, but sometimes it can be hard to really get into spring mood! Here are my Top 5 tips how I managed to enable my spring spirit!

1. Go out and enjoy the nature which is going to wake up and start blooming. It doesn't matter whether you go out for a hike, for a walk, if you do sports outside or if you just sit down in a park and read something. The smell of the awaking nature and the sunlight will brighten up your mood for sure.

2. Cut out the dark eyeshadow colours and your heavy make up. This year we are going to wear a lovely clean look where just pastel colours are going to enhance your natural beauty. The bright colours will definitely bring you into spring mood!

3. Like all the animals are on their way to find the right partner we should try our best in flirting. You don't have to search for Mr./Mrs. Right, just have a little bit of fun in your life and enjoy the minute of your life.

4. Flowers bloom on our landscape so why not adding flowers to our style. I love to add small flowers as an accessorize in my hair, it can also be a small flower clip, e.g. made out of corduroy. Also, it is time to get our flower dresses out of our wardrobe. Even if it is a little bit too cold outside, you can combine the dresses with a nice cardigan or light boobs.

5. Put the christmas and snowy decoration into the cellar and bring the spring atmosphere to your room by adding some nice fake flowers to your room, e.g. these beautiful cherry blossoms. 
So these are my ways how I come into spring mood. Please let me know what you do!

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