Scarlett Johansson Make Up Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how you transform yourself in Scarlett Johansson (at least when it comes to make up ;))

Step by Step Guide:
1. Apply a taupe shimmery colour all over the eyelid (No. 1+2)
2. Mix a matte deep brown, a reddish brown and a peach color together and please it really lightly into your crease (No. 3,4+5)
3. Take a blending brush and blend everything
4. Take the peach color again and place it over the brown again
5. Take the browns and peach colour and place it along the lash line underneath your eye
6. Apply a shimmery, slightly pink colour in the centre of your lid and in the inner corner of your eye to give the whole look the "extra flash" (No.6)
7. Use a black gel eyeliner. Start very thin in the inner corner, make a small flick on the outer corner so that the whole eyeliner stays thin.

This look is not only sexy but also suitable for every occasion! It doesn't matter whether you search for a red carpet look or whether you want to wear this as your everyday make up.
This look makes your eyes appear more awake!

The small cat eyeliner its perfect for bigger eyes because it elongates the eye!

A pink lipstick finishes the look. Here are used the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor 148 Summer Pink

 I used these eyeshadow to create this look:

88 Earth Tone Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek Storm 

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