How to Find The Perfect Prom Dress For Your Body Type

Hello everyone!

How are you? Next week I am going to my prom dress resp. I intend to buy it because I feel that it will be really hard to find a dress that suits me perfectly and that I really like. Thus, I informed myself about which dress would suit my body shape beforehand and I thought I might give you an overview of all body types and examples for each one. Of course, there exist more body types than these four, but I think your perfect dress can be deduced from these suggestions. This is the second part of my Prom Series. If you missed the first part in which I talked about how you can choose the perfect neckline of you dress according to your body type, then have a look here. (Link

Petite Body Type

✧ stay with short dresses
✧ sweet, feminine
✧ avoid a lot of fabric on the bottom

Athletic & Rectangle Body Type

✧ create an illusion of curves by enhancing your waist
✧ ruffles especially on bust and hips
✧ show you athletic body with form-fitting dresses
✧ two colours

Pear Shape

✧ highlight your upper body e.g. eye-catching neckline
✧ ruffles or special detail on the top
✧ go for a full skirt on the bottom

Apple Body Type

✧ empire waist dresses
✧ solid colour
✧ try to include fabric on the bottom
✧ avoid bandage dresses or anything that highlights the midsection

Hourglass Body Type

✧ can wear almost everything
✧ enhance your waist with a waist band
✧ dress that is fitted on top and waist
✧ A-Line skirt or mermaid dress

Okay, these are my suggestions when you want to buy a new prom dress, however, you can also apply that to buying a normal dress. I hope that this might help you during your shopping. But again, as I have mentioned in my first Prom Series post, it's all about feeling comfortable and self-confdent and when you really like a dress, then just buy it. Nevertheless, it is also nice to highlight your best features and to really get the best out of your body. 
How did your previous Prom Dress look like?

Wish you a wonderful day! Love,

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