My Wardrobe Essentials

Today I want to show you my personal wardrobe essentials that are the base of my wardrobe. Of course, everyone has got another must-have and this list also consists more of basics as this only shows my ESSENTIAL items. However, I think that these essential clothes can be useful by building up your own wardrobe because I wished to have this advise from my mother, friend etc. 

#1 light pair of elegant shorts
My first wardrobe essential is a light pair of shorts. I prefer wearing black or darker t-shirts as I found them more flattering on me, so a white, light rosy or beige elegant shorts would suit perfectly to this style. It can also be worn for a casual day or a night out.

#2 light blouse

A light blouse (again white, light rosy or beige) is an absolute must-have in everyones wardrobe. A blouse is really versatile, it's works great for any business look, with a black skirt or it can look amazing with shorts for a more casual look.

#3 Top
It doesn't matter which colour or shape you choose, but you have to have a basic top. This item is perfect for hot summer days, as a sport shirt or just to wear it underneath another shirt.

#4 The Little Black Dress
This is a classic, but in fact, a classic black dress does suit to any evening and day outfit and always looks great.

#5 Sweater with a V-neckline

Some like cardigans or sweater with a round neckline or hoddies, I love sweater with a v-neckline. So I would choose a maroon sweater especially now for the upcoming autumn time.

 #6 - black blazer
My absolute favourite item in my whole wardrobe: my black blazer. I wear him to everything: Jeans, Skirt, Dresses, Shorts! A blazer just makes every outfit sophisticated!

#7 Good fitting jeans
It doesn't matter whether you prefer skinny jeans, boot cut or straight jeans, however, a really good fitting jeans is an absolute stabile. I seriously can not think about a live without jeans anymore and I would even say that the jeans became kind of a uniform for young people.

#8 beige pants
Next to a jeans for me it is important to have a pair of beige pants. Beige pants are not too bold like red trousers, they rather look elegant and are something different then the usual blue or black trousers.

#8 Basic shirt
This is probably too simple, but this is also a part of my wardrobe essentials: a basic top. Obviously, a black shirt looks good with everything, but a red, coral, green,... top with a basic cut is suitable to any combination.

#9 Black short skirt
The last stabile of my wardrobe is a black mini skirt. If you prefer to wear longer skirts, then get a longer skirt, but a black skirt makes the life so much easier. You can wear it to a business look, a night out or an everyday outfit.

So these were my wardrobe essentials. Again everyone has its own wardrobe essentials, but I hope this was helpful and you can add one of these clothing items to your personal list. So what are your wardrobe essentials?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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