P2 Sunset Boulevard - Review & Swatches

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Today I want to review a lipstick that I own for a very long time, but never really appreciated it. It is the P2 Pure Color Lipstick - Sunset Boulevard which is a cheap German drugstore brand as this lipstick only costs 1,95€. Anna Saccone mentioned this lipstick in one of her latest favourite videos and I remembered that I own this lipstick too. So I pulled it out of my drawer, started using it properly for the first time and I really liked this lipstick. I can'r really understand why I haven't used it that often.

is originally lighter 

The pure color lipstick provides for intensive colour. Despite its very light formulation, the lipstick is long-lasting and offers an intensive colour-payoff. The optimal acutance prevents the lipstick from creasing on wrinkles at the lips. Hyaluronic acid provides for intensive care.

*Side note: Translated by me. I have no idea what they mean with acutance.*

Swatch - natural light
Swatch - artificial light

  • creamy consistency
  • beautiful pale pink colour; can be worn with and without heavy eye make up
  • don't have to worry about applying
  • price

  • creamy consistency
  • packaging
  • creases on the inner side of the lips

★★★☆☆ Stars

As much as I love the colour and really enjoyed wearing this lipstick with a lot of blush on my cheeks and only mascara on my eyes, the formulation is not the best. I don't mind the creamy consistency, but you have to check yourself in the mirror as the lipstick creases on the inner side of your lips and that looks really disgusting. So, I would prefer a stickier version of this lipstick, however, if you like the colour and don't mind checking yourself a bit more often in the mirror, then you can buy it.
Have you been in Germany and tested one of the P2 products?

Wish you a wonderful day! 

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