My Bedroom Makeover!

Hello everyone!

How are you?
A lot has been going on in my life and probably will be, so sorry for any posts that I am missing and that I can't post that regular any more. However, today I want to share with you one of my big projects on which I am working. It is my bedroom makeover! Okay, in fact, I just bought a new, larger bed because I am going to move to another flat in two months, so it doesn't make any sense to completely redecorate my whole bedroom. In detail, I followed these steps until I had my new bed.

Step #1: Research a lot and take your time to reflect about your purchase. If you still like it after 2 weeks or more, then this might be the perfect furniture for you. Also think about the colour and what really suits into your bedroom.

Step #2: Design or plan your future bedroom with a virtual online room planer e.g. the one by Roomle (Link) or draw a plan so that you make sure that it fits into your bedroom.

Step #3: Organize the purchase, your helpers and the transport beforehand, so that you don't lose the overview.

Step #4: Now there starts my individual progress. I just cleared out my whole bookshelf, removed all the books that I don't read, moved it into another room and put all books back into the shelf. I also reorganized everything in my room, so that I was able to remove one complete DVD shelf.

Step #5: Then I carried my bed from the first ground to the top floor.

Step #6: And I did some retouches on the wallpaper and cleaning because of all the work.

Step #7: Finally, I bought the bed and build it. I rearranged and decorated everything and I was done.

With the collage I tried to give you a little idea of how my bedroom looks like right now. Except of the last step I did everything on my own and I am quite proud of this. I also absolutely love my bed and am totally blessed with the idea of buying it before I move.
I hope you liked this little insight and have a wonderful sunny day!


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