OOTD: Casual Saturday Outfit With Plaid Shirt

plait blouse/H&M - top/H&M - belt/Esprit - Jeans/98 86

The heatwave has finally arrived in Germany and during lunch time even this outfit was too warm for the weather. The whole last week was absolutely nasty weather and way too cold for April and suddenly within one day it is so warm here! In fact, this means for me a massive headache and circulation problems.
However, I am so happy that I can start to wear all my summer clothes again and thus, can do a lot of more Outfit of the days.

Because I was not sure whether a short is a bit too cold, I decided to wear my regular jeans with my brown belt from Esprit. On my upper body I wore a black top as I want to draw attention to my blouse. Because of the fact that it was that warm outside I replaced my jacket with a nice, casual, green and black plait blouse. This blouse is too big for me but that is the look that I want to have.
With this blouse the whole look appears a bit more casual, boyish but in the same time trendy.

As this look has more dusty colours and not a bright eye catcher, I would suggest this look when it is a warm sunny day, however, there are a few clouds in the sky.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! What do you think about plait blouses?

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