Concealer On A Budget: L'oréal vs Maybelline

Hey Beauties!

My question is: Which concealer is budget and works really good? So, I have here two good concealer which I have re-purchased quiet a few times from now. I think showing you a concealer from whom I'm not convinced of, is not considerable and it doesn't even make a sense.
So, we have here Maybelline Ever Fresh Concealer, which is similar to the Fit Me Concealer or their Mineral one, and the L'oréal Touch Magique.

Here's how my eyes look like without any concealer:

Maybelline Ever Fresh Concealer:
The Maybelline Ever Fresh Concealer costs 4-6€/7,5 ml (it depends on your market). It has this applicator, whereby you can apply the concealer directly onto your under eye circles. However, you have to blend the concealer with a brush or with your fingers.
This is how the applicator looks like:

The concealer has definitely no smell, the opacity is really good, so you just have to use one layer of it.
Here's the result:

L'oréal Touche Magique:
The L'oréal Touche Magique costs 8,96€/5 ml. Its applicator is a brush and you have to twist the bottom part of the packaging in order to get your product. Then the product comes out of the brush, like you can see here:

Now, we can argue, if this is the most hygienic method, but we leave that out. I would definitely say that this simplifies the nice blending and appliance around your eye. The opacity is also extremely good and it has no smell. However, you can't use the brush to blend the concealer into your skin, so you have to use your fingers or a brush again.
Additionally, the brush is really thick and the cap is too small, so you catch these hair of the brush really easily and then it looks like that :)

And here's my result:

Unfortunately, I have to say that the L'oréal Touche Magique works a little bit better. Sometimes, when I have kind of a bad day, the Maybelline Concealer dries my eye area really out and then it looks just disgusting. The L'oréal Touche Magique covers everything up even when I have my terrifying days :) I have got the problem that a lot of concealer make my under eye circles look blue and that's what he doesn't do.
I got my last Maybelline Concealer on sale for 3,5€, but if I had to pay 6, I would invest 3€ more to get the L'oréal one. I think, it's worth it!!! I can definitely recommend this concealer! However, when you're looking for a cheaper one that I would purchase the Maybelline one. You can also make sure that you don't get any pimples because of these!

What ist your favourite concealer or did you try one of these??

Love & xx

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