Megan Fox Make-up tutorial!


Megan Fox is a symbol for sexiness, however her make-up is quiet simple and easy, but it gives you a sexy glow and deep in your eye!!! So let's start :)

Step 1: Conceal your eyes (you see a picture in my last tutorial). Apply a soft white eye pencil in the inner corner of your eye to brighten it up.

Step 2: Use a grey kajal pencil and apply it on your lid, close to the lashline and underneath in the corner of your eye.

Step 3: Use a tissue to blend the kajal a little bit.

Step 4: Apply a grey eyeshadow on top of the kajal. This keeps the kajal in place!!!

Step 5: Apply black eyeshadow just in the corner of you eye (above and below). This makes your lashes look thicker!

Step 6: Use a light grey eyeshadow to draw like a V in the corner of your eye (see picture). This really makes your lashes look longer!!!

Step 8: Apply a lipstick with a warm tone. I prefer a mix of dusky pink and brown. Apply on top of that a colourless lipgloss.

Step 7: Define your eyebrows, use an eyelash curler and apply mascara!!!

FINISH!! It's a natural, very fast look!!! Just try it!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!! Love, Thefirstgoldengirl

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  1. I've been looking for this particular look for years, thank you so much!


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