How to do your eyebrows!!!

Hey guys!!!

Today I want to show you how you can easily do your eyebrows.
With the shape of your eyebrow, your face gets a complete different expression and you can change your complete appearance with that!!! Trust me!
First of all, there're different ways of doing them: waxing, shaving, tweezing. I prefer to tweeze the eyebrows, because you can really catch them with their roots and after a while, there are less hair of your eyebrow :)

So let's get started!

Step 1: How can I find my perfect eyebrow shape?One rule is: The more rounder your face is, the more angular your eyebrows should be and the more angular your face is, the more rounder your eyebrows should be! Start with holding a pencil from your nose to the inner eye and to your eyebrows. This is the where your eyebrow has to start. Do the same thing with the outer eye, beginning from your nose. This is the point where it ends! The last thing is to find out where the highest point of your eyebrow is. Therefore, we began from the nose, we cross the pupil and go to the eyebrow. And these are the three points which you need!!!

My recommendation: Use a white or a skin-tone pencil to blend these parts of your eyebrow away which you want to tweeze.
Thus you can see if the shape fits to you!

Step 2: How can I avoid the pain?Start the tweezing by dragging the hair out in the direction where it grows. Thus, the pain isn't so big. If the pain is still to strong, then apply a little bit normal creme onto your eyebrows and start tweezing. The creme cools the skin and the pain is less strong!!

Step 3: My eyebrows doesn't still look like in the magazines?Unfortunately, almost no one has extraordinary thick eyebrows from the beginning to the end. That's the reason why all celebrities define their eyebrows! You can use an eyebrow pencil or a brown eyeshadow. I prefer the brown eyeshadow, so I can define the angular point much better.

Step 4: Make sure that both eyebrows look quite similar ;)

And their it is, your perfect eyebrows!!! Apply a wonderful make up and you'll shine all day long!

I wish you a wonderful day & Good Luck!!!!

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