Be Creative + Explanation!

Hey guys!
First of all, SORRY for being absent for a few months now!!!!
However, I want to explain what happend! Here in Germany, two weeks ago our summer holiday ended and they are just 6 weeks long btw :)
During the last three weeks of my precious holidays I became really ill. Normally this would be my "Posting-time", because the first three weeks I was in Switzerland, London & Paris. As I have already mentioned, I became really ill. Firstly I had to fight with a really strong food poisoning, which stayed there for the whole 3 weeks and additionally to that I became I huge cold. I think, it was a normal cold, but just because of the fact that my immunsystem was so low, it turned out to be the pure horror.
Then my next school year started and I completely underrated it. It's my year before last my school career ends and it is really hard! Here in Germany, especially here in Hesse, we have a really hard "Abitur", which is similar to the British A-Levels. So I have every day afternoon sessions and have to study and work a lot when I come home. Perhaps, I have got time to post a post each weekend, it will be unreguar in any case. So I want to apologize for that, but I do my best and, of course, also I don't want to neglect my school. My Message: I'm still there for you!!!! :)

Anyway, I wanted to encourage you to experiment and to be creative with make up. You don't have to have an extact plan in your head, just grap your eyeshadows and a few brushes and just start. I have never believed in this plan, because I'm normally a strict planer :) Because of the fact that this week (btw, the only one in this whole year) is a little bit relaxed, I had time to "live my creativity" :) The result is what you see below. In the inner corner is a mixture of light pink and medium pink. In the centre of the light nearly until the eyebrow ist a bright pinky colour. In the crease is a more red,pink colour. The main part is the black eyeliner. It's a really dramatic, strong one and I also added a thin line underneath and untile the teat-dot area. Obviously, this is not an everyday makeup and I even wouldn't recommend this for the school, but it makes so much fun to do!! Just try it out, use your own creativity and create your personal, funky, extravagant look!

Have fun & See you soon!!!

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