Fitness & Diet Update!

Hello guys!

How are you?
As you might have know from my fitness and recipe posts, I have always been really into this area, however, a lot has changed during the las couple of days. If you want to follow what I am eating, then pleas check out my INSTAGRAM *Link*. I just joined it and post special meals that I do there.

So since I moved out into my very first flat, I can't do my indoor home workout from DailyHIIT, Zuzka Light, Blogilates or Jillian Michaels anymore as my neighbours would literally kill me when I do that 5 times a week. Thus, I started to incorporate a lot of jogging in my workout schedule, but firstly, it starts getting really cold and secondly, I always had such a bad feeling while exercising at home.

Therefore, my decision was made: I joined a gym. I recently posted a post in which I tell you the benefits that I detected by joining a gym. Have a look at this post because it explains why I love the gym so much and would take to long to explain it here *Link*

Now I am exercising 4 days a week for about 1-1 1/2 hours. The surprising thing is that it doesn't appear to be so long in the gym. So I am doing a mix of cardio and strength, consisting of 5-10 min warm up on a cardio exercise, then 30-40 min of strength and again 30-45 min of cardio. For my cardio part I usually go running because I burn the most calories there. For the strength part I am currently doing either a full-bdy program or a 3 split program. In a few weeks I am also going to incorporate  a lot of free exercises into my strength program. If I want to try out something new, I just go into one of these courses that the gym provides.

The focus on my diet is to reduce my body fat, maybe also a tiny bit of weight, but not that much. I just discovered LOOX which provides free nutritional plans. I am going to write a review of this site in a few days, but so far I follow a nutritional plan which is protein based and is designed for 4 weeks. I usually see results pretty fast when I am consequent and so far, I am pretty goof in it, however, I allow myself to have 2-3 cheat meals per week. As I said before, I am going to write a review of this sit, but the plan is a great guideline and help to get your diet in the right direction.

I will let you know how much my body fat percentage has reduced and if I am able to keep this weight. Let me know what do you think about nutritional plans and joining a gym?

I wish you a wonderful day!

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