I can't believe it!!!

Gana highlighter powder

Hey guys!!!!

I really can't believe it!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! AAAAWWW!!!
I really bought my FIRST MAC products! It was completely spontaneous, which felt unbelievable great, cause I normally I don't do anything spontaneous... Nevertheless, I went into the shop, while I was shopping for a long time, and my friend wanted to have a nude lipstick. We searched in every single drugstore and cheap products in the cosmetic departments, but there wasn't the right tone anywhere. Suddenly she asked: "Do you know where I can buy MAC?" What for a question! It's obvious that I know where you can buy any
cosmetics!!! Instead of going to an ordinary cosmetic shop, we went to the MAC shop, cause there are real makeup-artist who really helps you!
I have seen the shop quite a few times and have always imagined how it would feel to stand in it. Suddenly I was in... woowww!!! I was feeling... indescribable... numb... I heard my heartbeat...

My friend stood in front of this huge amount of colours... I would choose every single lipstick but when you're there with friends, personally I'm more reserved with buying tons of makeup :D Then, I saw the products which I've searched for a year and the other one for half a year! I have even bought the best drugstore products, but they weren't like this!

MAC Harmony powder

The contouring-powder "Harmony" -> is a very famous one and:
# matte, no shimmer
# no red/orange/yellow tone
# brown for 100%
# perfect to blend into the cheeks
# natural looking

Mickey Contractor's Gana highlighter powder:
# gives a perfect glow, shimmery
# natural
# suitable for daily use
# light yellow, softer undertone (not icy or frosten)

I know from me that I 've always thought, well you don't need MAC. And you don't need it for lipsticks or lipglosses, powder, bronzer or some eyeshadows!!!! However, when you search for a natural contouring powder or a cream blush (want to have one!!) or an highlighter which works with the first use then you can't find something better than this. Both cost 22€ which isn't much more expensive than regular drugstore products and nevertheless, it looks natural!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading it! xx

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