New Book

Hey guys!!
I just wanted to give you a quick update about whats going on in my life ;)
Actually I'm working quite a lot on my other blogs especially the book&film review blog:
Check it out here!!!
Or follow my cometic-review blog: www.goldenchoices.blogspot.com

So in the moment after reading the wonderful book from Michael Pollan, I started the Biography of Angelina Jolie... Well, yeah when you want to have a review about this book than check my blog during the next weeks. Anyway, don't think that I just sit at home and I'm reading books!!! ;) I really like to do this, but just in a certain period of time... When I read to much, I just can't do it anymore and I'm playing the guitar all the time until my hand are bleeding ;)

I'll give you an update about my fav guitar songs in the next blog!
See you next time!!! xx

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