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Hey everyone!!!!

I just want to give you a quick update about my workout. The thing is that I don't go into a gym.. I don't think that this is bad for someone, but I just don't like the gym when all the people are starring at me :D So I started doing some workouts which I found on youtube and I notices that they are incredible good and I gain lots of strength and muscles. After a while I suddenly noticed that this youtube channel is a "side video" to a much bigger website and that this website is connected with a huge community! Before I have known that this is very popular, I really started this workouts without any prejudges and loved them on my own.

Because being for 100% convinced on my own that this is a VERY good thing, I want to show you this site: www.bodyrock.tv When you are starting this workouts you are a "Bodyrocker" and I think this type of building a community is really nice ;)
I'm doing this workouts now for four months and my body completely!!! transformed! Before I had started I wasn't able to do ONE push up and e.g. yesterday my workout contained 42 push ups and all did them all!!!! I can really feel & see the muscles on my arms and legs and when I tighten my stomach I can really fell there muscles.
I won't say all these things when I am not REALLY convinced of this!!!!

My workout routine is that I do my daily workout. This isn't always the one which Zuzana, the trainer, introduces on her website, the most of the time I'm doing an older workout which I want to do. And I think you should always to want you want! I had the experience that when I'm doing a workout which I'm very glad about doing it, then I'm able to push much harder to get better results. Also, I always write down my score, because after a few months I can do the workout again and I'll try to beat my score. I have to admit that I have improved my score in every single workout I have done before!!!!

It really helps you to get in shape in get a better feeling with your body!!!!!

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