Nail polish summer trend!

Hey guys!!

Exams are over, the summer is coming!!
So, it's time for a new summer nail trend!!!

This very easy idea is inspired by the bright, hot and sunny summer which I'm going to expect.
Well, firstly I applied the Esprit Best of Style 800 VIP nail polish which has got an amazing coverage. I applied just one layer, here is a link from the nail polish. Just click to the silver one!!!
I haven't found another picture :/

After that I applied the most beautiful nail polish I have ever seen *.* It's the Max Factory nail polish mini in Ivory. It is quiet sheer, that the reason why I applied the silver nail polish first of all. Given the fact that I applied these two nail polishes, the silver colour works as a base and therefore the golden glitter seems to be very metallic. I really love this nail polish!! You can see my result above :D

I wish you an wonderful day!!!


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