Sleek Storm Palette - Swatches

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Hey guys!
I received my wonderful package, which contained the well-known Sleek Storm Eyeshadow Palette.
I am so excited about doing LOTS of make up tutorials *.*

Here is an overview of all eyeshadows:

Here are my swatches, so you can get a better impression of these colours.
The eyeshadows are from the upper to the bottom row from left to right:

This palette costs £6.49 (€8.50) and I have to say that these eyeshadows are highly pigmented! Although these colours are quite powdery, I really love the shine!
The palette just has got two matte colours (the two brown one), but the other ones don't have such a conspicuous glitter. They are rather slightly shimmery :D

My favourite colours are: for highlighting the second colour in the upper row and the two pink colour on the right in the upper row <3

However, I LOVE all the colours!! Even though the black eyeshadow is the only one which isn't so high pigmented!
I just can really recommend buying this!!!

All the best, xx

P.S. You can order this here

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