My Love for Pinterest

I never thought that I was going to like Pinterest and completely ignored the hype about the platform for a really long time. Pinterest is an internet platform where user can pin pictures on their board under certain categories. Other user can search for pins and can repin or like the pins. I logged in myself just because of curiosity and once you started pinning pictures on your board and people start to like your pins, you start to become addicted. 

Therefore, I can not stop using pinterest. It is amazing when you search for alternative photos that can not be found by a regular google search. And seriously, Pinterest offers pins from every single subject and category you can think of. 

I would be really pleased if you would check out my board here

Here are my current favourite pins and as you can tell I love monochrome photography:

What do you think about Pinterest?

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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