July Non-Beauty Favourites

Because I love to do my monthly beauty favourities, I decided to start a new monthly favourite which consists of all non-beauty related things that I love. That can contain TV-shows, magazines, films, music, food, books, games, other hobbies, etc. If you want to know what I'm loving for July then keep on reading.

TV-show: Grey's Anatomy
Usually I absolutely hate TV-shows and never watch them. However, this month I found myself watching TV at the evening and discovered the old series from Grey's Anatomy. The next day I watched it again and so I started to watch every evening or even at midday. Yes, you can say that I started to become addicted watching this show and really enjoyed watching it.

There are two songs that I absolutely loved.
Scream - Usher

Asaf Avidan - One Day/Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)

This sounds a bit weird, but I really enjoyed eating salad this month. During this hot weather, a salad is a nice and light cold meal. I know that a pure salad doesn't has a lot of vitamins, but combined with fennel, radish, bell pepper, a few hermes or any other nice vegetables a salad can be really nice. 

Then I also loved drinking oatmeal milk with vanilla flavour instead of normal milk. I start to replace milk products just because I am not really convinced of milk products and this oatmeal milk doesn't has that much more calories. Oatmeal milk: 53 calories per 100ml Regular 1,5% fat milk: 49 calories per 100ml

Lastly, I enjoyed drinking my Breakfast Shake which you can find here. I really drank this every single morning one day with strawberries, then with berries a.s.o. and loved it every single day.

This month I was in a reading-flow. Seriously I finished within 3 weeks Divergent and the whole trilogy of Fifty Shades. I will write a review of all of these three books. Now the reading-flow has ended, but I enjoyed reading all of these three books even though the Fifty Shades series is not worth the hype.

Okay, this is really weird, but I started playing Sims again. And when I start playing it I can not stop doing this for a long time. And even though I played all family tragedies and now what will happen next, I am still fascinated by this game. Okay, now I stopped with it, but I know that the next Sims session will come!

I hope you like this post as much as I love writing them. Please let me know whether you want to see something like this every month!

Wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of love,

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