A big surprise and a massive comeback

Hello everyone!

Who has ever thought that I would sit here and write a blog post for you after such a long time?
I am really sorry for those of you that have been waiting for another post and I am also really grateful for all my lovely readers that kept on following me.

So why did I take this ridiculous long break?
My last post was in October. Since summer I had a lot of problems in my life: my heart was broken, I moved in my first own flat, I began studying for the first time and therefore, had to find new friends. Combined with emotional problems and a total confusion in my head, my struggle was complete.
I hope, you respect that I don't want to go too much into detail and you still can't accept that because I had so much in my head, I couldn't find a rational, clear moment to write the blog. Also I really wanted to enjoy writing a post and not being supposed to forced myself to do it.

Two days ago, I looked in my blog and was so amazed by all your lovely comments and that you really enjoy reading what I am writing. Finally, I found my love for my blog again, the passion for writing the blog, taking the photos and being creative.

So here I am back with loads of ideas. I am fully motivated to write great blog posts for you and I hope so are you :)

Again, I hope that you can understand the break that my body just needed.

I wish you an amazing day!


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