How BenjimanTV saved my life

Hello everyone!

How are you? This blog post will be different from my other posts. This will be a personal message to Benji, also known as Benjimantv who is Judy's husband and also has his own youtube channel (Link) and uploads great food pictures on his Instagram account (Link). I am not silly, I know that he probably will never read this, but I really have to thank him. If you want to know why, then keep on reading.

Dear Benji,

firstly, congratulations on birth of your lovely girls Keira and Miya. Also with having your sweet daughter Julianna and the wonderful Judy, you are having such a beautiful family!
You are not only a great father and inspiring considering your regular workout routine, but also an amazing cook. And that's actually the point of this post. You are focusing on cooking healthy with lots of vegetables while keeping it tasty. Additionally, you are combining Japanese food with international recipes. I love the excitement that you put into buying groceries and preparing the recipes and in the end, sharing that all with us.

Because of you, I have rediscovered my passion for healthy cooking, enjoying cooking and actually carrying about what I put into my body.
The thing is that I have a rather hard relationship with food. 4 years ago I became anorexic. The cause were personal problems in school including bullying. It took me a long time to find a way out of this illness and only stopped therapy 1 1/2 years ago. Since then my relationship to food stayed pretty difficult as I swapped between an incredible healthy lifestyle to eating total crap.
It was never that bad that I only ate fast food because I always stayed an athletic person and never wanted to ruin my body totally. However, I stopped carrying about food, I didn't enjoy eating and didn't want to eat any veggies explicitly.
You not only pushed myself back into my old fitness level, but also revived the conscience of eating healthy and actually carrying about what I put into my body. I am also not talking about a temporary change as I already changed my whole eating habits for one month now and I am not even thinking about changing this any soon. As everyone says, fitness and health is made in the kitchen and I can totally confirm this.
So thank you so so much, Benji! By sharing your healthy and tasty recipes with the world, you have changed my life completely. You helped me to come back on track and to actually build up a healthy relationship to food.
Thank you very much for this!!!

All the best,


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